10 Things To Do For Baby Hair Growth

Are you worried about your baby’s hair growth? Some babies are born with hair and some without, the amount of hair on the head is also sometimes genetic but you can definitely do a few things to accelerate the growth of hair. Newborns have bald patches mainly at the back of the head and that is due to the head resting in the mother’s womb. Things are slowly going to improve once they roll and crawl.

Here are 10 best things you can do for baby hair growth

1. Use a baby shampoo – Dirt and dry skin sticking to the baby hair and scalp would delay hair growth process. Make it a routine to shampoo your baby’s hair once a week or even twice a week is no harm. Buy organic, no-tears shampoo that has a mild smell and does not lather much. Massage the scalp gently for 2 minutes and rinse.

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2. Apply aloe vera – Aloe Vera is the magical herb that your baby needs for hair growth and it can do wonders. Take aloe vera leaf and scoop out a little pulp, mash it and apply to the hair at the end of the bath session

3. Oiling is very important – Once your baby is over six months old, start oiling the hair regularly and massage the scalp gently using just a little dollop of oil. Do not press the scalp hard, just a light massage is useful. Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing quality. You can also apply Argan oil that promotes the growth of silky and thick hair. If your baby is over a year old, you apply a very little amount of lukewarm castor oil.

4. Use gelatin – Gelatin contains the two very important amino acids known as glycine and proline. Both these amino acids are known to promote healthy hair growth. Mix one teaspoon of gelatin powder with another teaspoon of normal water; add a tbsp of hot water, one spoon of honey and a spoon of apple cider vinegar. Massage the mixture on the scalp, allow it to settle for 15 minutes and shampoo.

5. A healthy diet – Babies within a month to six months, feeding on milk should take drops of multi-vitamin and vitamin D supplements. When the baby learns to eat semi-solid food, make a paste of all the vegetables rich in vitamins like carrots, spinach, almonds, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, add a pinch of salt and feed them. When the baby learns to eat solids make sure you give a good amount of proteins like eggs, boiled chicken, pulses, chickpeas, salmon, and spinach.

6. Prenatal vitamins – They are the secret to healthy hair growth in babies. Prenatal vitamins are oral medicines given to pregnant mothers to increase the nutritional value of her diet which she might not be getting through food. These vitamins play an important role in promoting hair growth in babies. The baby is born with a good amount of hair on the scalp. There are many prenatal vitamin supplements available in the market.

7. No hair styling – Moms are tempted to style their babies but please moms do not use any hair styling agents. Hair styling products including blow drying can cause permanent damage to the scalp. Babies look naturally beautiful so no artificial hair products, please!

8. Haircuts and shaving off the hair – Yes, there is no scientific evidence of shaving off hair promoting good hair growth but it is believed since ages that the birth hair needs to be shaved off and it is good if you can shave off hair one more time for thicker hair growth. When it comes to our babies we hardly follow science all the time so you can try it. Haircuts are definitely important once the baby is over a year old because trimming gives good hair growth.

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9. Follow haircare tips – Do not comb wet hair because baby hair is as it is very soft and hair when wet is even softer. Do not opt for adult haircut styles because those sometimes tend to thin out hair. Use a very soft brush or a wide-toothed soft comb while combing baby hair. If your baby has a flaky scalp, get rid of it fast and get advice from the doctor. If your baby has curly hair, comb and detangle the curls time to time and tie baby hair loosely.

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10. Try more baby hair products – Different babies have varied hair forms and textures. So, research baby hair care products and choose the one that suits your baby’s hair type.