7 Group Activities for the Weekend

Weekends are the universal source of happiness for adults and kids alike. We count the days till Friday to finally have those two holidays unless you have your weekends on then my condolences! But when the weekend finally arrives, it is spent sleeping, wasting time or doing useless activities (flipping through TV channels). We don’t know how to pass time in such a way that it is not tiring and also entertaining. Here we will list 7 group activities you can try with your kids, friends or neighbors!

Paint by Numbers – Be An Artist

If you love art and don’t get the time for it due to your hectic routine, then paint by number is what you need. They are efficient, fun, easy to use and calming. Spend your weekend filling in the colors and making yourself a beautiful painting. It is a fun activity which leads to a painting to hang in your house. You can also get custom paint by numbers kit, with a picture of your own choice! You can have your friends over and color with them.

Scrabble – Entertaining and Educating

What’s a better way to have fun and test your children’s knowledge? Scrabble is a competitive game and will keep you busy for a good time! It is easy to play, no difficult rules and up to 4 people can play at a time. So, if you have a nerdy bone in you, scrabble is for you.

Play Card games

If you don’t have a card game in your house, then you should really get one! Whether it’s the good old go fish or Uno, card games are the most competitive! You can add as many players as you want. There are a lot of card games you can try, play a different kind of game every weekend!

Play Board games

Who doesn’t like board games? Board games are loved by everyone. There are so many different kinds of board games available now! Chess, monopoly, cluedo, catan or risk! If you want something more than how about starting a game of dungeons and dragons! It is fun, filled with quests you can meet up with your friends every weekend to play more. Go on an adventure every weekend.

Do Diamond painting

Diamond and painting? Hearing for the first time? Well, it is another fun activity you can try on weekends! You use diamonds to create colorful paintings. It is like paint by number but with diamonds. If you are looking for something crafty then this definitely the activity for you. You can have your family take it on as a group project. 

Backyard picnic Party

Feel connected to nature and have snacks with your loved ones. You can combine this with a board or card games to turn it into a wholesome event! Relax and enjoy at the same time.

Movies Are Fun

If you are the type of person who wants to have people around but don’t want to put it any effort, then movies are for you! Just get a bunch of snacks, blankets, pillows and most importantly a movie! Snuggle in your blanket with a warm cup of chocolate milk.

Here are some more group activities you might want to try.

Hopefully, these activities will keep your weekend productive and entertaining! Explore your artistic side with the painting kits and your competitive side with card games! Or just relax on the weekend with movies and snacks!