7 mistakes you’re making when drying your hair

From makeup tutorials to outfit advice, it can seem like there is a how to for everything beauty. But drying your hair is simple enough right? Turns out that whether you are blow drying or air drying, there can be things you are doing or not doing that is affecting your hair. Whether you want to improve your hair’s appearance, or just want healthier hair, the proper drying technique can make al the difference.  

7 mistakes you’re making when drying your hair

While you may not think there is anything wrong with the way you dry your hair, you may be doing small things that have a big effect. To get the most out of your hair it is important to avoid these drying mistakes. 

1. You’re Wrapping Your Hair In A Towel

In movies and television shows you see women wrap their hair in a towel right out of the shower as they get ready. Most women have developed this habit as well and it has just become a force of habit with wet hair. But putting soaking wet hair straight into a towel can actually be causing more damage that the convenience is worth. See satinpillowcaseforhair.com for more details.

Leaving your hair in a towel to dry soak up some of the excess water actually causes more frizz than letting it dry completely on it’s own. It is recommended that you instead avoid the towel altogether on your hair and opt for a more effective method like a t shirt or microfiber cloth. Simply dab at your hair and ring out excess water, then let it go from there. 

2. You Brush Too Soon

If you try to get a comb or brush through wet hair it is actually more likely to cause damage. This is because wet hair is thicker and harder to get through. Even when using your fingers, you can end up pulling through knots and actually lose hair in the process. 

You should wait a little while for your hair to dry out some before brushing through it. If you want to use a blow dryer on your hair you should start it at a low or medium heat first to dry it out a little. Then you can move on to using a brush and a higher heat. 

3. You Don’t Use Product

Product is not just for the styling process. Whether you are using heat to dry your hair, or letting it air dry, you need to use product after getting out of the shower. For example, if you are blow drying your hair you need to have something in it to protect from heat damage. If you are air drying your hair, it is recommended that you use a small amount of gel in your hair and gently crunch in around in your hair to get some easy and frizz-free texture. 

4. You’re Using The Wrong Items

Not all brushes or blow dryers are created equal, so it is important to make sure what you are using is quality. There are many different brush designs on the market and each have their pros and cons. You should consider your hair’s style and thickness when determining what the best brush to use is. A quick internet search can help with that. 

Once you know what kind of brush you should be using, you should make sure that you buy one that will do the job, not just the cheapest option. You should also make sure that your blow dryer is providing a consistent flow of heat that is not too hot or too weak. Look for multiple heat settings and positive reviews that promise a great performance. Don’t be afraid of using attachments for better results as well. 

5. You’re Showering Before Bed

If you want to let your hair naturally dry it is not recommended to shower at night. No matter how dry your hair may seem when you go to bed, even the littlest bit of moisture can cause some seriously out of control bed head in the morning. To avoid trying to undo the damage from sleeping with wet hair, it is recommended that you either put your hair up at night, or change your showering schedule. 

Braids, rollers and even shower caps can all be used to sleep with wet, or semi-wet hair. You could also switch to blow drying your hair before bed. But if you really want to air dry your hair without putting it up, you should switch to washing your hair in the morning. 

6. You’re Playing With Your Hair

Playing with your hair when it is wet may be fun, or even just a subconscious habit, but it is not doing you any favors. The more you touch or play with your hair when it is wet, the frizzier your hair will get. Instead, you should avoid touching your hair as much as possible as your hair dries. It is also important to avoid over brushing your hair as this can create a similar effect. 

7. You Start With The Back

Starting with the back of your hair when blow drying may not seem like a big deal, but can be a problem. Because the back of your hair is typically the slowest to dry, it will take longer, and makes sense to start their first. But by starting at the wettest part, it allows the other parts to dry out naturally. That makes them harder to control, especially if you have bangs.

You should start drying your hair from your bangs to your temples and then work your way around. This gives the back some time to dry and cuts down on the amount of time spent using a blow dryer and exposing your hair to heat.


From towels or heat, product use and everything in between, if you follow these tips you will see a world of difference with your hair. Less frizz and healthier looking hair are easier than you think. And a simple change in routine can make all the difference.