Benefits Of Having A Hooded Hair Dryer

A hooded hair dryer as the name suggests is a dryer which works in the form of a hood. This is popularly found in the salons because, with the help of hooded dryer, people get a reason to sit and get themselves relaxed till the time their hair get dried. It is totally different from the normal hair dryers that we have at our homes. Yes, with the hooded dryer the warm air circulates very gently inside the hair, unlike normal dryer where a sudden blast of high heat comes out of nozzle like a jet. This hair dryer has a long lasting life and better quality.

benefits of hooded hair dryers

The hooded hair dryers are always beneficial whether they are of lesser price or are very costly. Here we have mentioned some of the best methods through which these hood dryers will prove as an asset to you. Have a look at them below:

  • The hooded hair dryer has the power to do deep conditioning. One of the important reasons why girls always prefer it is this one only. By applying some heat, deep conditioning can be achieved and through this, the hair can become more soft and shining. The cuticles present beneath the hair on the scalp can get opened with the heat and the conditioner gets the space to go deeper inside. In few days only you can see a major difference in your hair smoothness after using this for deep conditioning.
  • You need to follow the instructions as mentioned: The first shampoo your hair. After rinsing off, put the conditioner, you will see that after cleansing some residue of conditioner is left. Now, heat your hair with the best hooded hair dryer for around 15 to 20 minutes. All the globs will now be disappeared and the conditioner will penetrate deep within the head.

hood hair dryer

  • People who do not have the wet set style as their choice can immediately go for a hooded hair dryer as it speeds up the drying of hair. Depending upon the length of the hair, the different dryer can dry the hair in 3 to 4 hours. Unlike this, with hooded dryer, you just need half an hour and your task will be done completely and perfectly. So if you never want to go out with your hair wet, buy yourself a hooded hair dryer that will accomplish your task in a fraction of minutes.
  • Many people are having a habit of giving a wet set to their hair. It means that they love to have styling while hairs are wet so that they come in perfect shape and remain like that. For this, most people use rollers, wraps etc but they are not much effective. The hooded dryer can get you the style you are looking for. The time required to sit under the hood is determined on the basis of the thickness of the hair.

These are some of the main reasons why hooded hair dryers are always best and must be preferred over the regular dryers.