Best Christmas Nail Polish

If you want to feel Christmassy from head to toe, you gotta do what you gotta do, which is, in this case, put on some nice Christmas nail polish.

Whether Christmas nail polish means to you an elegant, classy, sparkly bright red, or something with a bit more fun and snowflakes on the side, Christmas nail polish is a great way to let everybody know you’re getting in the mood of the most wonderful time of the year.

What are the options?

Some like elegant, classic nail polish and only want some sparkle on it for the special occasion. No worries, as the market gives you plenty of options. You can never go wrong with a bright red on your nails for Christmas, but some golden details may do the tricks just as well, right?

When you want to go with a young, fresh look, don’t hesitate to give it a try with a snowflake nail polish or with some sparkly stars in it. You can definitely find all sorts of colors too.

If none of the above does the tricks for you, no worries, there’s hope! You can always get some temple stamps, or some 3D stickers to get the Christmas mode on.

No matter how you put it, it’s impossible not to find a nail polish that rocks your boat this Christmas. After all, there’s nobody stopping you from painting each one of them differently until you get to decide J

What we like most

For those of you who like the classy style with just a pinch of sparkles on the side, a nice option for this Christmas would be the China Glaze Nail Lacquer, Luxe and Lush, 0.5 Fluid Ounce.

The nail lacquer is full of nice glittery sparkles that turn you regular nail polish into a festive, yet not too shiny style.

The nail lacquer lasts for long and doesn’t chip off. It has a non-thickening formula and you don’t need a thinner for best results. It’s flexible and looks well even after a while. It dries fast and some may even want to apply 3 coats for a more obvious sparkle.

Subtle and classy, the nail lacquer may be the final touch for your many/Pedy this Christmas.

If sparkles and glitter floats your boat on festive times, a very interesting option for you would be the China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Lacquer, Rest in Pieces.

The transparent lacquer includes variously sized black and orange glitter that looks well from Halloween until way passed Christmas.

The color lacquer adds shine and glitter and the mix of tones gets you in a festive mood. It lasts long and it’s easy to remove as well. It contains a good amount of sparkle on every brush stroke and its coppery tone fits any party.

The high gloss finish looks amazing on any nails and the color lacquer has a great consistency.

Whether you’re planning to use it on your clear nails or to cover colored nail polish, the Orly Nail Lacquer, Tinsel is a fun and sparkly option for the Christmas.

The combination of red balls and green lines looks very nice and festive, as the nail polish is clear. The nail polish not only looks nice, but it also nourishes and protects your nails as it includes vitamins E, A and B5.

The nails polish adds sparkle and color to your nails and helps you stand out on a Christmas night out. The application is very smooth and the nail polish is very Christmassy.

If ever in doubt about which nail polish to use for Christmas, play it safe and put on the Verity Nail Lacquer – Forever Happiness G25.

The nail polish has a clear base and includes a bundle of red, orange, gold and green bar glitter. It’s like Christmas is inside the small bottle to use for your nails.

The nail lacquer is easy to apply and dries very fast. It stays on for a good amount of time and doesn’t catch as easy as you’d expect.

You may very well use it as a top layer on your colored base coat. Full of sparkling glitter and including all the right “traditional’ Christmas color, the nail lacquer isn’t something to miss out on for the winter holiday.

If you like to add just a bit of red sparkle on your nails for Christmas, give it a go with the Orly Polish Flash Glam Fx R.i.p #40462.

The nail polish is opaque in two coats and you may want to use only one coat in some cases. It’s full of orange glitter in sheer black base, but it manages to give a festive, yet subtle appearance to your nails.

You may not need more than 5 minutes to apply it, but you’re definitely going to need more than 5 to take it off because of all that glitter. Either way, the nail polish is worth to try on Christmas.

When you don’t want to just look nice, but also feel the Christmas fragrances around you, a very good option would be the Candy Cane Crush – Scented Holiday Polish by KBShimmer.

The top coat is filled with red and white hex glitters that are variously sized, giving a pretty and festive look to your nails. The polish is scented with vanilla peppermint so you’re going to have the nice mint scent around you all day long.

The polish doesn’t have a strong smell, but a rather soft and subtle scent. It’s going to look great over a pink polish, but also amazing on a white nail polish on Christmas. For best results, you should only apply one coat.

The flat brush allows you an easy application and you should shake it before use.

As the nail polish contains 2/3 white glitter and 1/3 red glitter, it’s possible that you don’t get large red glitters on each nail, but this is going to make the look more interesting. The two stainless steel balls are going to shake a bit the things inside, which is always great on a nail polish.

When you’re out of gift ideas for a little girl in your family, don’t hesitate to give it a try with the Essie Luxeffects Top Coat.

The top coat is very glittery and its cute, pink shade maybe the final touch for a girl’s many/Pedy. The top coat gives a good coverage and it holds on for quite some time.

It looks great over a black or grey bottom coat and a more subtle, delicate one would also use it alone. For a classy, elegant appearance, you should use it over a white base coat.

The nice pink glitter looks amazing and has the festive vibe that we’re all searching during the winter holidays.

Get a touch of the cold winter down your nails with the Snow Much Fun Nail Polish- 0.5 oz. Full Sized Bottle.

The nail polish is full of snow and it looks best if you apply it in 3 coats. Its flat brush helps you better apply it and get all the snowflakes you can.

The light blue jelly sparkles with light blue holo glitter looks amazing, whereas the white snowflake glitter completes the looks.

As the snowflakes are large and heavier, you may need to apply it several times on some nails. Don’t forget to give the bottle a good shake before applying it, turning it upside down for 10 minutes. This is going to help the snowflakes move toward the top of the bottle.

You Go Ghoul! Nail Polish may seem like a natural choice for Halloween, but we say it can very well work on Christmas or any time of the year when you’re feeling festive and fun.

The pink orange purple jelly nail polish is easy to apply and the application runs quite smooth. It’s a sparkly top coat that brings a fun, shiny note to any many/Pedy. It’s full of black jelly sparkles with glitters in grape, orange and berry so it matches any fun, colorful atmosphere. It gives best results after two coats over black. You may very well apply three coats alone, though and changes color in different lighting. The flat brush is great and it gets plenty of glitter every time.

Unlike other sparkly nail polishes, this one isn’t just easy to apply, but also easy to take off.

The great combination between holo glitter in silver, teal and pink make the Hexy Bikini Textured Polish one of the most sparkling nail polishes that you could use on Christmas.

The nail polish is sparkly and you only need to apply two coats for a nice finish. In case you’re applying it over other colors, you can only apply one coat.

The flat brush makes the application easy and you may need more than 5 minutes to take it off. You may very well use it alone or over another bottom coat.

Sparkly and glittery, the nail polish gives you the festive look that you were looking for.

If Christmas is all about cold, silver winter feel, there’s no other better way to match the feel but with the Alloy Matey! Glitter Polish.

The glitter top coat gives a full coverage in three coats and its heavy glitter takes you out from any crowd. This is one sparkly nail polish that dries fast and is quite long lasting.

Shining from a far, the nail polish works well when used only as an accent, on two or three fingernails. The brush is flat so the application should go run nice and easy every time.

Some things are forever and the same thing goes for the sparkly red from the Vicious Circles Blood Red Holographic Circle Nail Polish.

The nail polish is a beautiful cherry red holographic circle jelly type that goes great all year round, but the best time is during Christmas.

Its flat brush helps you apply it easier and the nail polish shows its best after thee thin coats. The silver holographic circles (in two sizes) combine amazing with the holographic hex glitters and the holographic micro slices.

If your nails are short, two coats will do.

Sparkly and bright, the nail polish really sends a merry and classy feel for Christmas.

When you feel like your silver metallic polish needs one final touch for the best look on Christmas, give it a go with the Orly Nail Lacquer, Glitterbomb.

The nail polish looks amazing as a top coat as it’s full of glitter and shines so nicely. Its application is easy and smooth and the nail polish has good quality.

As it contains vitamins A, E and B5, it also nourishes and protects your nails.

Sparkly, pretty and holding well for quite some time, the nail polish gives a grey cream polish or any other color polish a great sparkle to match the festive winter holiday.

It’s impossible not to feel festive when you get something like the China Glaze Set – Mini Holiday Charms.

The set includes 4 mini nail lacquers that not only look great and cute, but also give you the opportunity to use them in various occasions, according on your mood

The names sure give you a hint on the mood you’re going for: Glitter All the Way, Red Satin, Winter Holly and Merry Berry. If you want to stand out with a sexy, vibrant look, go for one of the two shade of red. If, on the other hand, you’re getting ready for a Christmas party, don’t be afraid to shine and go with the red glitter or the colorful one. No matter your choice, the nail lacquer is easy to apply and dries fast. It’s durable and doesn’t catch either.

You may very use the set as a Christmas gift as it looks so nice, festive and sparkly.

The best thing about the ILNP Brilliance – Pale Gold, Pinkish Bronze is that you may apply only once oat, on some bare nails, and have a great color and looks o your nails.

The boutique nail lacquer dries fast and hold on very well, for a good amount of time. It has a brilliant vintage feel, as its primary color is a pale gold that goes through pinkish bronze to a light green. Depending on the lighting, the nail polish may very well look blue, orange or red. It’s fully opaque and you may also wear it over any colors. It gives full coverage in 4 coats and looks amazing on some black bottom coat.

The nail lacquer is cruelty free and vegan and is easy to remove, as it has no glitter, but only sparkles.