Best Christmas Nails

Getting in the Christmas mood is one complicate task and it’s not only the decorations or the Christmas tree that you need to prepare.

Despite the nice smelling candles, the Christmas movie watching or the decorations around the house, for some it also takes a bit more to get in the mood.

Some like to do it all the way, when it comes to Christmas and this means also put some nice Christmas nails for the most wonderful time of the year.

What are the options?

Whether you’re going for the stickers, or the artificial nails, there are plenty of options for you to choose out there.

The market gives you some fun, cute and pretty choices, but you may also get the more subtle designs that only add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas outfit.

Colorful, glittery and fun, the Christmas nails have a happy feel, no matter their style would be.

Here are our favorites

When you’re determined to add some sparkle and dimension to your nail art, a natural choice is the RuiChy 12 Sheet Christmas Snowflakes Design 3D Nail Art Stickers Decals.

The package includes a nice variety of shapes and sizes of 3D nail art stickers. The Christmas snowflakes design makes you better fit into any Christmas party.

Some of the stickers are rather small so you need the patience and the skills for setting them up nicely.

The stickers are made with clear plastic and the metallic studs look great, especially if mixed right.

For those of you who know and want to apply some plates this Christmas, a cute and nice looking option is the Nail Art! AMA(TM) Christmas DIY Nail Art Image Stamp Stamping Plates Manicure Template.

The plates are made of stainless steel and you need to use them with nail polish and stamping tool. You need to follow specific steps for best results. Do not forget to apply topcoat fast and smoothly in order for them to last longer.

If you are thinking about using plates on your nails this Christmas, have some fun with the Born Pretty Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plate Snowflake Santa Claus Christmas Tree Stocking Stamp.

Made of high quality stainless steel with high polish finish, the plates look great and are heavy enough. They do not bend and come with a blue protect film. They are protected from bend, scratches or damages thanks to the transparent film sleeves storage.

You get one sheet and it’s important to follow the instruction for best results. The nail are looks cute and give a fresh feel to your Christmas look.

Cute, but not cheesy at all, the Voberry® Christmas Pattern DIY Nail Art Image Stamp Stamping Plates Manicure Template are an option to consider when you want to decorate your nails for the Christmas.

Made with stainless steel, the plates look good on any color nail varnish and one sheet of adhesive nail art stickers is going to be enough for your fingernails, toenails and nail tips as well.

You need to use them for nail polish and stamping stools, according to the instructions. It’s important to apply topcoat fast and easy on the surface of your nail so that they last longer.

Each package includes one-piece nail stamps that are protected by a blue film.

For the customer that isn’t afraid to have some fun this Christmas, a merry and fun choice for the toenails is the Clear False Toenails Nail Tips for Toes Cute Nice Santa Claus White Green Christmas Tree Z508.

The toe decoration tips look simply adorable and it’s impossible not to like the funny Santa Clause and the White green Christmas tree. The tips are nicely colored and the details are very well made.

You get duo size sticky stickers for your false nails and there are 10 pieces that you may try for the best fit.

The Christmas Holiday Assortment Water Slide Nail Art Decals Set #6 waterslide decals aren’t that difficult to easy, but you do need some patience if you’re aiming for the perfect results.

You simply need to follow the instructions that come along after you selected one of the many and various images from the sheet.

Keep in mind that the art decals are printed on a clear film so there’s not white ink. It’s better to apply to a white or light colored nail so that you may enjoy the results.

A bit thicker than you’d expect, the decals don’t curl or rip while applying them. Pretty and so fun to wear on Christmas time, they hold up for a week or so.

When you simply can’t get enough of Christmas and want to add some fun details on your nails, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the 12 Sheet Cute Snowflake 3D Nail Art Sticker Decal Tips Decoration.

The package includes 12 sheets of pretty nail art stickers decals. Even though some find them a bit thicker than expected, the decals look nice and give a fun vibe to your nails this Christmas.

One sheet of adhesive stickers are enough for you to do all your fingernails, toenails and nail tips as well. The stickers are various and you may choose from Christmas trees, Santa, white snowflakes and so on.

The decals are easy to use, in just three steps and you don’t need any glue for them. As for removing, simply peel them off.

Pretty and fairly easy to use, the Shensee Christmas Pattern DIY Nail Art Image Stamp Stamping Plates Manicure Template are a nice option you should take under consideration this Christmas.

You need to use nail polish and stamping tool for the best application of the templates. The etching is perfect and things may get a bit messy if you’re new at this.

The designs are big so you don’t have to struggle for the best results.

The pictures are nice and it’s important to follow the right steps for the best results.

If your daughter has been bugging you about some Christmas stickers for her nails, let her try the Bhbuy Christmas Snowflakes Snowmen 3D Nail Art Stickers.

As they’re water based, you daughter may need a help from you when applying them. That is, if she doesn’t already have the skills for it.

The classic white lace design is nice and the stickers include not only Christmas trees, white snowflakes, but also some Halloween ones, skulls and everything that goes that time of the year.

The nail art stickers are cute and cool and are going to make a great present for many.

Easy to apply and to remove, the Bridalvenus Set of 24 Bridal False Nails Vintage Christmas are one thing you can’t go wrong with this Christmas.

The nails have a great, unique design and the package includes 24 pieces that differ in size. They’re not made with dangerous chemical process and are safe to use on your natural nails.

You may either use them with glue  or with adhesive tabs, whichever is easier for you.

Bright and presenting traditional red and white patterns, the nails are a great choice for the winter holidays.

No matter if you want colorful or two-color patterns for your nails this year, the ETEREAUTY 180 Pieces Nail Vinyls Stencil Stickers Set, 15 Sheets 30 Designs are a good choice.

The 15 sheets include 12 stencils for each, so you get 180 stencils altogether. You may combine letters, Arabic script, rose, snow, stripes, lips, heart, and many more, just the way you want to.

You simply need to put on a base coat of one color, lit it dry and stick your stencil on the nail. Continue by applying a second color of polish. Peel off the stencil for completing the job.

Versatile as you may use them for both regular or gel polish, the stencils are a great option for your nails this Christmas.

For those of you looking for some nice rectangle nail art stamp templates, the Nicole Diary Nail Art Stamping Plates Set aren’t to be missed for this Christmas.

The stamp template come with various patterns and the package includes 4 pieces of nail art stamp templates. The designs are big and a bit too big, according to some.

The stamps come with a protective film and they are well etched. You need to remove the film so that the stamper may transfer the nail polish.

The Christmas patterns look great and the stamp plates are durable.

The double-sided design on the Ejiubas Stamping Plates Halloween Nail Stamping Kits Christmas Image Nail Art Plates Manicure Tools Double-sided 2 Counts makes them reliable, without losing their nice looks even one bit.

You get several patterns to choose from, including Christmas themes one and Halloween plates as well.  You may use pretty swirl patterns from the front or choose from the 20 various designs on their back.

The plates have the perfect size for nails and a moderate depth to stamp. They’re etched deep enough to hold polish for a nice opaque stamping result. It’s not too deep though, so you don’t end up with some smudge onto your nails.

The plates are easy to use by beginners and more experienced nail artists as well. They’re protected against bend, scratches or other damages due to the blue protect film. You may also use them on natural nails.

Versatile and easy to use, the EFT 100 Beauty Christmas Tree Snow Flower Red Pre Designed Style Acrylic Plastic French False Nail Art Tips Fake Nail Tips with Case are nicely colored and match perfectly the festive season.

The package includes 100pcs of nail art tips that come in 10 different sizes. The size is numbered at the back of the tips and each size has 10 pieces.

The nail tips have pretty and colored designs, with a Christmas theme. They are red and white and are made with high quality plastic.

The versatility is impressive as you may use the tips with gel, acrylic or fiberglass for application. The tips look elegant and don’t catch even after a few days of use.

Just because it’s Christmas, it doesn’t mean you have to be dressed up in red and green, from head to toe. You may very well get a festive look by using the 24pcs Mysterious Glitter Decorated Black False Toe Nail.

The package includes 24 nails and 12 different sizes to choose from. You also get glue stickers and mini file. You may use the false toenails as you want, at home or in a professional salon.

The decorated false toenails are easy to apply and hold for 5 days or so when using a nail sticker. You may use them more than once.

Glittery and mysterious, the false toe nails are an unexpected choice, yet impressive, for a Christmas.

If you love being in the center of attention, there’s no better way to do it by using the Ejiubas Red Acrylic Nails Christmas Nail Art Bow Tie for Nails Design 24 Pcs 12 Sizes Long Fake Nails with Glue.

The long fake nails present a cute and pretty design that goes great any Christmas. The bright red bow tie nails combine so nicely with the cute polka dots, so it’s impossible for anyone not to stand out.

All 24 nails have bows and the package includes 12 different sizes, pre-number on nails. This way it’s easier for you to keep track on what you need to use next time.

The nails have a realistic feel and are sturdy and long lasting. They’re easy to apply and hold with glue for even 2 weeks, with proper care.

They don’t just look so nice, they’re also made with high quality ABS material that is healthy and friendly. The material has no smell and it doesn’t include toxic ingredients either.

The beautiful designs of the Born Pretty 4Pcs Rectangle Christmas Manicure Celebration Stamp Stamping Plate turns them into a popular choice for Christmas.

The stamping plates are made of acrylic material and come with a nice stamper. However, some decided to use a different type of stamper to set them better.

The package includes 4 pieces rectangle nail art image template and one rabbit stamper that is also very cute. You also get 2 pieces of Born Pretty scrapers.

The stamping plates are fairly easy to use and the kit works for many. The styles are various and they all look amazing when you’re done.