Best Hair Extensions to Buy

When you want to add some length and volume to your hair and don’t have the 6-months patience (until the hair growth vitamins give results), you can give it a go with the easiest solution: the hair extensions!

But, before jumping to the conclusion that picking some hair extensions is not that difficult, take some time and scroll down for some good advices and tips to follow when shopping for hair extension. Last thing you want is looking as a puppy doll, right?

What are the options?

There are several types of hair extensions that you can get. You can try the 100% Remy Human hair that is the best quality that you can get for some hair extension.

The Remy Human hair not only looks very natural but it’s also longer lasting- as long as you take good care of it also. We can’t say what are the best human hair extensions to buy, we do know that the Remy Human Hair doesn’t shed nor tangles like synthetic or Non-Remy hair does. This is how you know you got yourself a 100% Remy natural hair.

Apart from the hair quality used on your hair extension, you need to take a good consideration your life style just as well. You need to give your hair extension a good maintenance if you want to expend their life span, which require some time and patience.

If you don’t really have the time, it’s better to choose the clip-in extensions and only use it when you have the extra minutes for styling it.

When you go for the semi-permanent hair extensions, you also need to change your hair care routine just as well. This doesn’t mean you can’t do sports activities anymore; you only need to find the perfect ways to protect your hair extensions when jogging as you don’t want them to tangle.

Even though most hair looks the same for the unexperienced eye, we actually need to talk about the differences between Chinese, Indian and European hair. The hair extensions actually fit a specific hair texture and Chinese hair fits better medium density hair, whereas the European one is finer. The more you want a natural look for your hair extension, the more you need to make the perfect fit when it comes to hair texture just as well.

This brings us to the next important step, the color match that truly has to be perfect. Luckily for the multi-dimensional hair, the market also offers dual-blended, tri-blended and bright colors hair extensions. The less you see the hair extension through your natural hair, the closer to perfect match they are.

The methods

It’s wiser to go to a certified hair extension stylist when you want to have your hair extensions semi-permanent. The application of hair extension is not a typical skill and most of the hair stylists learn how to do it out of school.

The funniest and easiest removable method it the clip-in/flip-in that gives a “fake” appearance, but you can take care of it like it’s your natural hair. These hair extensions wear out quite fast, but you can get some real hair for a more natural look.

You can also get hair extensions that use keratin bonds at the tip of the extension. This type looks amazing and is quite popular, but you need to take really good care of them. You also need to stay away from conditioners, oils or heated tools near the connection.

The curly, thick and course may get a good choice with the sewn-in/weave hair extensions. As the name says, they are sewn into a tightly-braided section on your natural hair. Every six weeks or so you need to go to the salon for a check-up.

When it comes to tape hair extensions, we sit on a fence. If applied correctly and maintained carefully, this type looks amazing. But, you need a really good professional in order to get them done by tape.

The micro-bead/micro-ring extensions need to glue, no heat, no tape, no sewing. The single-strand micro-bead extensions are applied by clamping the little beads on the tips of the extension to your natural hair. the connections are not only long lasting, but also cover very well the hair root to tip.

The conclusion

Next time you go shopping for hair extensions, don’t pay attention only to the obvious things (color, quality, hair texture), but also to your life style and patience just as well. Your hair extensions have to match not only your hair type/color, but also your schedule and willingness to go every now and then to the hair stylist.


TOP5 Hair Extensions to Buy Reviews

When you want to go with the easiest way to give your hair some length and volume, try the Halo style Hair Extensions – DayDream Hair by Hidden Crown on a wire.



The hair extensions are made with 100% human Remy couture hair and it’s literally the easiest way you could win some length and volume on your hair.

You need no glue, no clips to apply the hair extensions and you bring no damage to your own natural hair either. – 100% Human Remy Couture Hair – No Clips, No Glue, No Damage!

The whole human hair stays in place thanks to the weight of your own hair pulled over the fully adjustable no-see filament. It’s like a plastic wire that goes on and off with a blink of an eye.

The hidden crown doesn’t just give you length, but also volume as it’s 12-12.5 inches wide. The hair is sewn in layers and lace backed so that you have minimum discomfort. There is no itching when wearing the hair extensions just as well.

The hair extensions include nu synthetic nor fake hair and you may curl, style, wash and cut it just the way you do it with your own hair. the extensions combine naturally with your natural hair as half of your hair is pulled over the top.

You get also a storing case with a hanger.

The hair is thick and the extensions have a natural flow.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The hair extensions are made with 100% natural Remy hair
  • The hair extensions are very easy to put on/take off
  • The hair extensions give length and a nice volume to your natural hair
  • The extensions have a natural flow and may be styled just like you style your natural hair

When it comes to the cons, we have only some:

  • As it’s a head crown, you can’t really get creative when putting it on
  • The hair extensions give length, but not so much volume
All in all, for a very good price you get a natural choice to bring more length on your natural hair.


Giving great quality, the JieFar 3Bundles+1Closure Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Hair Extensions Human Hair are a great choice for anyone looking the increase the hair volume and length.



You get more than one hair extension and 1 piece Remy Hair closure. They are graded 6A when it comes to the quality of the hair.

The hair extensions are made with true 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair. They may be curled, styled, highlighted and dyed. The hair is thick, yet soft and with a natural feel to it.

The wave pattern doesn’t go away after you wash the hair extensions. The hair extensions wear no smell and the shedding is minimum

The hair extensions may come in many styles: deep wave, body wave, kinky curls, loose wave and also straight. You just need to decide which style fits you the best.

The hair extensions come from 8-30-inch long and have a pure natural human hair color. You might find some gray hair and split ends, but this is a sign of hair extensions are made with human hair.

The hair extensions might last almost 18 months as they are high quality. For a longer life span, it’s better to take them off before you go to sleep.

Our main pros would be:

  • The hair extensions are made with 100% Raw Virgin human hair
  • The hair extensions are thick and have a natural flow
  • The wave patterns go back after the washing
  • The hair wears no smell and the shedding is minimum

We also have some cons:

  • The hair extensions shed when detangling the hair
  • You can check it for gray hair and split ends
The cons are not major though and we still think the hair extensions make a good choice when in need.


For more volume and length to your natural black hair, give it a shot with the Ms Taj 7AA Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles Body Wave 100% Human Hair Extensions Virgin Remy Hair Weave Natural Black.



The hair is made with grade 7A natural unprocessed Brazilian hair and bring a nice, natural continuity to your hair. the hair extensions go from 10” to 28” length, for a better combination with your natural hair. it comes also in several other length combinations, though.

The hair is full and thick and has a nice feel. It’s soft and tight and is double machined weft. You either can weave it by track, or you can make your customized wig.

The hair doesn’t tangle and doesn’t shed either. It wears no smell as there was no chemical process used when making the air.

The hair is natural and all virgin non dyed strands are removed during the hair production. This doesn’t mean there is no gray hair- it just means your hair is 100% natural!

The ends are full and healthy and it’s better to use some conditioner and moisture treatment to make the dry end disappear.

In order to expand the life span of your hair extensions, it’s better to wash the hair at least once a week and use some hair oil just as well.

Here is the short list of pros:

  • The hair extensions are made with grade 7A virgin human natural hair
  • The hair extensions give nice, flowing volume and length to your hair
  • The hair extensions don’t shed and don’t tangle
  • The extensions wear no smell and the ends are full

On the other hand, we also have some cons:

  • You need to pay attention to the grey hair
  • The ends might seem a bit dry in the beginning
All in all, you get a natural option to give more volume and length to your natural black hair.


Made with 100% unprocessed human hair, theNadula 8A Grade Best Quality Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Weave 4 Bundles (100+/-5g)/pc, 8-26inch 100% Unprocessed Remy Virgin Human Hair Extensions Natural Color brings natural length and volume to your own hair.



The hair material is high quality, 8A grade Brazilian virgin human hair. it comes in a natural color, but it can be dyed either way,

You get multiple choices when it comes to length, since it goes from 8 inch to 30-inch long.

The hair is strong, thick yet soft and pretty flexible. It doesn’t shed nor tangle and has a great body. It has a nice silky feel and a natural appearance.

There is no chemical process involved in the making of the hair extensions. The hair extensions are machine double weft and combine naturally with your hair.

For a better effect, it’s wiser to comb the hair gently when opening it for the first time. detangle gently the hair extensions so you don’t lose their looks. As a general rule, you should always comb the hair before washing it and keep in mind the pattern may suffer some changes after the washing.

The hair is very clean and contains no synthetic nor animal hair.

You can easily curl, dye, bleach and straighten the hair extensions-just the way you like it!

Let’s pinpoint our main pros:

  • The hair extensions are made with 8A grade Brazilian virgin human natural hair
  • The hair extensions look soft, thick and easy to style
  • They have a natural flow and appearance
  • You may dye, straighten, bleach the hair extensions

We also have some cons, though:

  • There is some shedding
  • The hair extensions wear a subtle smell in the beginning
Despite the minor issues, the hair extensions are still a great choice when you want longer, thicker, softer hair.


If you are willing to pay the extra buck, give it a try with theLiron Hair Weave Bundles with Closure Unprocessed Peruvian Remy Straight Virgin Human Hair Extensions with Free Part Lace Closure.



The hair extensions are made with 100% Unprocessed human hair and use Grade 6 A Brazilian virgin human hair. the cuticles are intact and they all go in the same direction.

The hair extensions present free part lace closure and a great lace closure density. They come in a natural color, but may be dyed just the way you want it.

You may straighten, curl, bleach and style the hair extension just as you do with your natural hair.

The hair extensions are soft, bouncy and are quite thick. They don’t shed nor tangle and are pretty long lasting. They are strong and well double weft constructed. They have a nice luster just as well.

You need to keep your hair clean and brush it well before washing it. It’s always better not to rub, scrub or bunch your hair when washing it. Use a conditioner and never go to sleep with your hair wet.

For a longer life span, it’s better not to use any harsh chemicals on the hair extensions and to stay away from gels also.

Our list of main pros is:

  • The hair extensions are made with 100% unprocessed human hair
  • The hair cuticles are intact and go in the same direction
  • The hair extensions are soft, bouncy and thick
  • You may try all sorts of hair styles with the hair extensions

As for the cons, we only need to mention the price, but considering the high quality you get, we’d say the hair extensions are worth every penny.


Best hair extensions to buy online

There are many options out there for you to try when you want to boost up a bit your natural curls, but a popular and a sure buy is the B&F Hair Brazilian Weave Virgin Hair Body Wave Weft 4 Bundles 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Extensions Natural Color.



The hair extensions are made with 100% unprocessed human hair, grade 6A Brazilian virgin human hair. There is no chemical process involved in the making of the hair extensions.

The hair extensions come with a natural color, but you can dye it just the way you want it. As for the lengths, there are several options also.

The hair extensions combine very well with your natural hair and may be sewn in. they are thick, soft and have a silky feel. The hair extensions don’t tangle and the shedding is minimum.

The body wave texture has a nice flow and a natural movement. The machine double weft is durable and looks nice.

The hair extensions contain no synthetic, nor animal hair. you can curl, dye, bleach, style and straighten the extensions with no worries.

The hair extensions wear no smell and are easy to take care of.

Here is the very short list or pros:

  • The hair extensions are made with high quality human hair
  • The hair extensions are soft and hold nicely the curls
  • The hair extensions may be sewn in
  • The hair extensions combine naturally with your own hair

There is also a list of cons:

  • The hair extensions might not be very long lasting
  • Some would expect more volume
All in all, as they have a natural flow and give plenty of length and volume to your natural hair, the hair extensions may be a good choice when shopping online.


Best clip in hair extensions to buy

If you don’t have the time nor the patience to try the semi-permanent hair extensions, it’s worth to try some clip-in hair extensions like GoGoDiva Clip in Hair Extensions.



The hair extensions are made with 100% Real Remy human hair, from the highest quality product.

The hair extensions are soft, natural and give a natural volume and length to your own hair. They are hand-made and don’t tangle. You can curl, straighten, color, cut and treat the extensions like your own hair.

The hair extensions come with 18 clips and you get almost 10 wefts. Each set may be cambered to fit in the most natural way your head.

You can style just the way you want the hair extensions using your typical heat tools for hair.

The color is nice and intense. The hair extensions feel soft, smooth and the shedding is minimum.

Here is the list of pros:

  • The hair extensions are made with 100% natural Remy hair
  • The hair extensions come with may clips
  • The hair extensions look nice and natural on your head
  • The hair extensions don’t shed and the tangling is minimum

There are some cons we have to remind though:

  • The hair extensions have some weight on them
  • Some question the natural hair used for the extensions
All in all, the hair extensions are a good option when you are in a hurry and want instant volume and length on your natural hair.