Can You Wear Clip On Earrings If You Have Pierced Ears?

Can You Wear Clip On Earrings If You Have Pierced Ears?

If you cannot get out of the house without putting the right pair of earrings for the day, you should scroll down. Wearing earrings is excellent and all that, but you know very well how heavy they can become on your earlobes. Some even have to have surgery on earlobes as they split from the heavy earrings.

We’re not going to talk about the styles of earrings; we all know that it can take us forever. But we’re going to talk about the clip-on earrings. Can you wear them if you have pierced ears? Should you wear them? Can you make the wear more comfortable? To these questions and more we’re going to answer right down below.

Are clip-on earring safe?

The debate about whether it’s safer to wear clip-on earrings or have your earlobes pierced is on for decades. In all fairness, both types of earrings have caused some effects on earlobes, so it’s still a tie.

The culprit is on the very long and dangle earrings that we wear even in the middle of the day- as long as they match the style. They do help you make a great impression and a dramatic entrance. You’re not going to go unnoticed when there’s a whole drama happening on your earlobes.

More often than not, the dramatic and long earrings are heavy too, and you’re going to feel the need to take them off after an hour or so. They’re pretty much as uncomfortable as your 6in high heels.

Don’t let the size fool you as some small earrings can damage your earlobes as well. It’s the hoops and small earrings that can also get pretty heavy.

One thing you could do is to only take a look at the weight before buying. It doesn’t mean that you have to weigh the earrings per se. If the shop allows you to, you should hook them over your hoop to make an idea about their weight.

Earrings are a particular type of jewelry. If you want your necklace or your bracelet to have some weight to it, you always wish for the studs to be feather light.

Earrings are a particular type of jewelry. If you want your necklace or your bracelet to have some weight to it, you always wish for the studs to be feather light.

Why wear clip-on earrings?

Clip-on earrings are a fantastic option for larger styles. Some flat shapes are also better with the clip-on model as they may tip forward otherwise. By contrary, a clip is going to keep the earring right positioned.

You should wear clip-on earrings every time you need to give the pierced earlobes a little break. Some models work best with clips.

Either way, keep in mind that if a pair of clip-on earrings feels uncomfortable, you can always try some tips.

What are the problems when switching to clip-on earrings?

When you go from pierced earrings to clip-on, the tissue within the lobes is a bit softer and has a higher risk for tearing.

  • The damage to the lobe

Wearing heavy pierced earrings for a long time may damage the sensitive part and even result in a complete split in the tissue. It doesn’t have to be from the earrings. Some pulling or earrings getting caught may cause the split as well. But yet again, this can also happen with the regular studs.

On the side note, plastic surgeons may repair split lobes. As long as he/she is doing a good job, the results should look amazingly neat. Earlobe surgery is more common than it used to be. And we have the “over-stretched flesh tunnels” and changes in styles and fashion to thank for.

  • They may fell off

Another minor issue is that the clip-on earrings may fell off if you’re not paying attention (if the clip is too weak). If you’re wearing earrings regularly, you know that this may also happen with the regular studs, when you don’t fasten them very well.

  • Are they less comfortable?

Some have the misbelief that the clip-on earrings are less comfortable than the regular ones. However, it all depends on the model and how sensitive you are. In the end, the weight and the clip play the most significant part in terms of comfort.

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  • The tightness of the fixture

The most annoying problem with the clip-on is the tightness of the fixture. Plastic surgeons highlight that the tissue inside the lobe is going to become softer after some time. It happens because of the pressure from a clip-on. The tissue also loses its elasticity and structure.

What can you do for increasing your comfort when wearing clip-on earrings?

There are a couple of things that can ease the wear of clip-on earrings. Here are the most important ones:

  • Earrings cushions

Do you know the adhesive-backed foam that you find in the nose pads of eyeglasses? They may also come separately. The flesh-toned foam pads are made to prevent glasses from feeling too heavy on the nose. They also feature peel-off backing that covers a strongly adhesive side. 

You need to trim them for fitting, turning them into cushions on your clip-on earrings: some adhesive foam pads or tape of similar composition in hardware stores or craft-supply stores.

  • Cut the foam to fit

You need to cut the adhesive-backed foam to the right size, to mount it on the clips of your earrings. Ideally, you want to place only a small piece of foam on the area of every clip that touches the back of your earlobe.

You may also place a piece of foam on the back of the display portion of the earrings when you want extra cushioning. This way, both the front and the back of the earlobe are going to have some cushioning. Use some small scissors for the job.

  • Put away the backing and apply

Continue with removing the backing away from the sticky side of the foam pads. Place the pads exactly where you want them on the clip-on earrings. Press them down well. You may have to add a bit of heavy-duty glue to the back of every pad for more security. It’s a permanent mounting, and you’re not going to be able to remove it easily later on.

  • Buy some specially made clip-on earring cushions

You can also check a jewelry retailer for finding reusable buffers, designed to fit the clips of the earrings. Some slide over the clips, whereas others are adhesive

One extra-tip for the road

Just loosening the spring action of the clip may be enough at the time. This way, your earrings are going to become more comfortable without you needing the pads. Just make sure that you’re not losing the grip while doing it.