Charlotte Hair Coloring and Styling for Men and Women

A look into history reveals that the concept of had coloring has existed for a very long time. It dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians when women cut their hair and dyed them to make braided or curled wigs. 

Although people formerly saw coloring and styling as hair care methods for women alone, modern-day men have come to change this idea. Aside from being a way to care for the hair, coloring also speaks loudly about a person’s personality or mood. 

The type of coloring technique or the color used sends a message about a person. Sometimes, a person’s profession also influences color choice. For instance, entertainers are more likely to use brighter colors than office workers. 

General Grooming Tips

Before you move on to styling or coloring your hair, there are basic things you need to do to keep it clean and healthy. Haircare professionals generally get turned off by a client whose hair is dirty. Being that styling and coloring are additional treatments, your hair needs the basic routine.

  • Wash your scalp as often as possible
  • Use shampoos that are free of chemicals
  • Apply conditioner correctly
  • Dry it naturally and apply a good oil
  • Make use of combs with a wide-tooth
  • Trim it regularly
  • Drink enough water and eat healthily

How to Find the Best Styling and Coloring Brand in Charlotte?

If you reside in Charlotte and are unsure how to go about your hair coloring and styling, this article is the guide you need.

Ask around

This is one of the easiest methods. By simply asking friends and neighbors, finding a good place for hairstyling becomes less of a task. 


The internet now gives us access to every information we need. Simply typing best hair coloring Charlotte NC for example or whatever is nearest your location on your phone will provide a wide range of options from which you can choose.


Thanks to technology, some apps show users the different styling brands in their area, alongside different customer reviews.

Pay a Visit

The best time to visit a salon may be on a day you do not want to make your hair. If you manage to come up with a reason to be in the salon, look around and interact with the workers. This way, you get a first-hand idea of how well they offer their services.

Things to Look Out for in a Stylist

Before submitting your hair to someone for styling or coloring, it is essential to ensure that the stylist knows what they are doing so that you do not go home something below your expectation.


Inquiring how honest and efficient a hairstyling brand is necessary. Doing this can help avoid places that use fake or low-quality products. Also, there is no better way to get the truth about an organization than through other customers.

Organization and Cleanliness

More than just getting a hairdo, people want to do so in a warm and friendly place. Look out for salons that are neat and well organized. It also shows that the level of serious-mindedness of the stylist.


Charlotte is a city of busy people. Nobody has all day to move around looking for a place to have their hairdo. Consider salons that are closer and easily accessible when looking for one online.


Some professionals charge more but do not necessarily offer more. Search for experienced people who provide their services at a fair price. Everyone loves to conserve cash. You can check here for more on how much it will cost to visit the salon.

Range of Services Offered

This is another crucial point to note. The more the services, the better. This will help you get all the haircare your needs from just one place.

Coloring and Styling for Women in Charlotte

There are many types of colors and styles Charlotte women can choose from, depending on individual personalities. A few are listed below.

Styles for Women

Short haircut

Nowadays, short hairs are not only worn by men. Women also trim theirs to be short yet stylish enough to retain their feminity.

Medium Cut

This is the not-too-short and not-too-long style. It is somewhere between the long and short styles.

Long Styles

This allows you to enjoy the entire length of your hair.

Layered Cut

As the name suggests, stylists trim the hair to show off different layers from shortest to longest.

Bob Haircut 

This is very popular and can be of different lengths and textures depending on preference.

Other styles include; pixie, haircut for women over 50, shag, curly, straight, and Mohawk styling. You can find more here on the common styles for women.

Coloring for Women

Hair colors can be permanent or temporary. The temporary color does not last long, while the permanent one does. However, the permanent color does not last forever either. It only takes a longer time to fade.

  • All-over hair color: A single color is used to dye the entire hair.
  • Two-tone hair coloring: Two different color shades are used and blended to look beautiful and perfect
  • Highlights: This coloring lightens the strands of hair to make them stand out, among others
  • Lowlights: Like the opposite of highlight, lowlight darkens hair strands to give it a calmer look.
  • Other coloring patterns for women are; Balayage, backlight, ombre, somber, frosting, etc.

Styling and Colors for Charlotte Men

Just like women, men have a wide range of colors and styles from which they can choose. Below are some trendy ones.

Styles for Men

  • Curly fringe with high fade
  • Hard Part Comb Over
  • Spiky Hair with Undercut Fade
  • Pompadour with Mid Fade.
  • Long Slicked Back
  • Quiff with Tapered Sides 
  • Faux Hawk with Hard Part and Mid Fade, etc.

Colors for Men

  • Copper Brown
  • White Lightning
  • Rooty Blonde
  • Dark Neutral Blonde
  • Deep Red, etc.

Final Words

Generally, the choice of hairstyle or color depends on individual personality and preferences. Also, people consider factors like skin tone when choosing a color. It is essential to visit a good stylist to help you decide the appropriate color and style that fits your personality. 

Reading through this article will make finding a good stylist in Charlotte easy for you. It equally provides some helpful hair maintenance tips.