Choosing A Foot Massager For Your Home Foot Spa

A good foot massage now and then is a mood reliever! Our lives have so busy and hectic that we often have leg and foot pain which remains ignored because of lack of time. Our schedule involves so much of walking, standing and running that all the burden, in turn, goes to our foot making it pain and swelling. While a small foot massage can help, it is impossible to find time for a spa session every time. Thus we advise you to have a foot massager at home to give relief to the aching feet right when you feel like.

No matter if you are watching T.V. or having a conversation with your family at the end of the day, use of these foot massagers can sleek into your daily schedule and calm you down! Here are some of the best foot massagers to put your feet-on!

  1. Belmont Shiatsu Foot Massager

This automatic foot massager has two independent foot chambers which reach to almost the ankle. The deep-kneading and vibrating motion work magically on foot and releases the tension of the muscles and improves blood flow. The touch panel on the top of the massager helps in choosing the function of the massager easily! You can select the level of heat and pressure needed for your foot massage and relax while this good foot massager does its job!


  1. Homedics foot massager

When it is your aching feet, it is all about a therapeutic massage & Homedics foot massager does precisely what you need. The rotational heads have vibrating effects which work on soothing your feet slowly and soothingly. It radiates a warm feel to the feet, and the 18 massage nodes keep building the pressure on the essential zones. Easy to operate and a 10-minute massage is enough to relax your feet.

  1. Happy Body Foot Massager

This is an automatic foot massager with two-foot chambers for each foot. Covering almost till ankles, the vibrating motions give relaxation to the muscles while maintaining the heat according to your requirements. The soft cloth inside takes care of the comfort and softness around the foot! It comes with three intensity levels and two mode settings to help in choosing the level of massage intensity and the kind of massage needed for the foot. Extremely easy to operate and store, this one is a true gem!

  1. Orion electric foot massager

This foot massager gives automatic massages till the calf area with emphasis on the acupressure points. Improves blood circulation as it provides a warm feel to the foot and calves; working with the tri-intensity levels of massage which can be chosen by the user. The fabric inside takes care of the comfort and holds sweat when heated massage is taken. The fabric comes off easily to be washed. Easy to operate and is incredibly comforting for calf pains too. Matches with any sitting arrangement, this one is space friendly too.

Foot massage can be extremely relaxing and less time and money are consuming when you have it right at your home! These best foot massagers help in relaxing your foot with ease and safety.