7 Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Most women, especially at age 50 get worried when they loose strands of hair in a bathroom, but this does not always prove that something is wrong. However, losing your hair could also mean there is a possibility that you are not okay. This is why it may be prudent to look for a specialist for a check-up and make sure you consider the below treatments to avoid the hair loss.

1. Cortisone injections

This is the anti-inflammatory treatment, which assists the patient to reduce the soreness. The injections may range from 2-50 depending on where you intend to address. For instance, if it is a small area, you may treat the hair condition with the injections while a complete eyebrow, 5 to 6 injections will do. As long as you apply the correct concentration, the treatment will be safe for you.

2. Minoxidil

This treatment helps women patients to increase the blood flow in hair follicles so that the hair length can be prolonged.


The blood flow is stimulated in the following ways.

  • Miniaturization of the follicles is reversed.
  • The blood flow that is around the follicles is intensified.
  • The growth phase of follicles is extended.
  • The movement of follicles is stimulated.

3. Hair removal through laser treatment

In case you do not want to wax and shave so that you can get rid of hair, you can consider laser treatment. The light beam from the laser is concentrated to the hair follicles so that the pigment in your hair can absorb the rays. Through this, targeted coarse and dark hairs are destroyed. The best part is that the surrounding skin remains undamaged.

4. Viviscal treatment

This involves the vitamin supplement, which women can use to promote and nourish the growing hair. Hormonal changes, age, poor nutrition, and stress among others are some of the aspects, which promote thinning of hair. Make sure you use the treatment to maintain the healthiness of both scalp and hair.

5. Acupuncture

Hormonal changes, as well as genetic aspects, play a big part when it comes to hair loss, especially in women. The little needles, which are used in the acupuncture helps to stimulate the woman’s scalp and improve the regrowth as well as hair loss.

6. PRP treatment

This treatment is one of the greatest options, which you may use to increase the hair thickness and hair count. MyBotoxLA can provide you with more info about PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles. If you are experiencing the hair loss, then you are a perfect candidate for the treatment, but it will be best if the condition is treated in its early stage.

7. Blocking shampoo

This shampoo has ketoconazole, which helps in disrupting the pathway involved in DHT. Biotin is another helpful ingredient in the shampoo. It helps to reduce the rate of losing hair. If you have the hair loss problem, make sure you choose a correct blocking shampoo.

Losing your hair may be a sign of something different that you don’t expect. It may be important to consider the above treatments, and in case they do not work, ensure you talk to a specialist to learn about the other possibilities such as anemia, lupus, and thyroid abnormalities among others. With that, you will know the way forward.