Healthy Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps on Your Skin

Himalayan salt lamps have recently stolen the spotlight and become one of the most popular pieces of décor. In the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range, in Pakistan, there are huge salt mines that are home to this Pink Himalayan Salt. 

Other than being a very stylish piece of décor, Himalayan salt lamps are known to be healthy, especially for the skin. The soothing illumination and negative ions from these lamps help uplift mood and create a comfortable environment in your home.

The Truth About the Health Effects of Salt Lamps on Your Skin 

While there have been countless claims that salt lamps are beneficial to your skin, none of these claims can be supported with empirical evidence. However, the science behind these claims proves a fair point. 

The Himalayan Salt has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Bacteria is one of the main components of any skin related problems. Because of their antibacterial properties, these lamps can help eliminate the bacteria from the environment. Thus, helping your skin to avoid bacteria from settling on it.

Salt Lamps and Common Skin Problem- Acne 

It is something that has become a problem for every teenager. 

You guessed it! Acne. 

Caused by a bacterium that resides in your skin’s pores, acne has been an issue for a lot of people. The bacteria feed off the natural oils and secretions, which helps it in multiple ways. Once the bacteria grow in large numbers, it starts creating swollen red spots as well as pus on the skin. The result is a sort of a rash forming on the skin and also leads to the growth of pimples.

Severe Skin Problems 

Rashes and pimples forming from acne are very common. However, studies have shown that even for rare skin diseases, the presence of these lamps can prove to be vital for your skin. 

A serious skin condition, eczema, is an example of one such disease. Eczema is a problem that is caused by the presence of dust and pollen in the air. You might not observe a lot of dust but it is a fact that the air we breathe is dominated by the dust particles.

How Do Salt Lamps Help Cure Eczema?

By placing such lamps in your home, you can get rid of this pollen and dust from the air.

How? This is done through the emission of ions from the salt crystal and the formulation of moisture in the air. 

As the air debris clears, your skin will feel a significant difference. 

For the perfect result, we suggest you keep 2-3 salt crystal lamps in the living room to maximize these emissions. The answer to these skin related problems is solved by mineral-rich salt. Since Himalayan salt is one of the most mineral-rich salt, it helps enhance the health benefits of salt.

In addition to patients having eczema, psoriasis patients can also be treated with Himalayan salt lamps that have shown positive effects in the treatment of those patients. By relieving the air from harmful toxins, these lamps create an environment that is perfect for people with such skin diseases.

How does this process work? 

 Let us explain!

The ions from the salt lamps enter the bacteria and bring moisture into it. As more and more ions enter the bacteria, they cause the bacteria to retain more water. Once the bacteria have enough water retained, it starts to burst. Thereby, bacteria get destroyed because of the huge amount of moisture.

Other Skin Benefits That Natural Salt Crystal Lamps Have 

Placing a natural salt crystal lamp in your home can instantly change the environment of your home.

Studies have shown that with a salt lamp, the presence of dry salt in the air steadily increases. The salt in the air, once it touches your skin, acts like a scrub or a soap to your skin, thus making your skin more attractive. 

Since most of the skincare products in the market show traces of salt, it proves that Himalayan salt does have some miraculous benefits that we need for the sake of our skin cure. The ionic salt solution helps your skin get rid of the toxins that form on it from pollution. The emissions from the salt leave your skin feeling fresh and give it the nutrients for nourishment.

Therefore, salt lamps are a natural skin product that can benefit your health while being an excellent piece of decoration for your living room. The lamps also relax your deep tissues and help reduce symptoms of oily skin.
We advise you to try keeping the salt crystal lamps in your home. Once you realize the benefits of this amazing product, you will get more for every room in your home. 

These are just some of the benefits that science has managed to reveal which makes salt lamps a truly miraculous product.