How to Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

Your hair is at its vulnerable stage when it’s wet. There are different ways to dry your hair, it takes some time to build a healthy routine, especially if you’re always in the rush to dry, style, and polish it. 

While most professionals teach us how to dry our hair healthily and adequately using a variety of heated products, some people embrace the natural way of drying hair, air-drying

The truth is, every type of hair has different demands when it comes to caring for it. Achieving that salon-smooth-shine-and-volume-look seems impossible by air-drying, it’s safe to know how you can still dry your hair using blow dryers and not damage strands with frequent use. 

If you have coarsely thick, thin, wavy, long, or short hair, we know that all you want to do is manage and polish your hair like those from magazines, billboards, or just the girl sitting next you who has such gorgeously looking hair. 

Both men and women want to have healthy, fuller, shiny, smooth, lustrous strands that stand out. Who wouldn’t? Well, good news, coz’ you’re at the right place, just read this to know how you can achieve that look you’ve been dreaming. It’s not an overnight success, and you’ll need to invest time to see visible results. 

We’ve got plenty of helpful and secure ways to prevent styling damage and give your locks the care it truly deserves. 

To Use a Blow Dryer Or Not

Using a blow dryer is the fastest way to dry and style your hair. While most believe that frequent use for heating tools can damage hair, there are precautions and simple ways to keep your hair healthy, and damaged-free.

  • Check The Right Tool For Your Hair

Choosing the right devices does all the trick. With tons of products in the market today, find one that perfectly fits your hair’s type over its needs. 

  • Condition It Before Blow Drying

The best way to prepare your hair is to wash and condition it properly. Add volume and body to your hair using the right products to leave hair shiny, smooth, and healthy.

  • Apply Styling Products

Applying styling products while your hair is still damp protects while allowing you to style without damaging your strands with heating tools easily.

  • Start Blow Drying By Sections

It’s conveniently easy and safe to dry your hair in sections with a blow dryer. While it allows fast drying, you can focus on all parts of your hair. 

  • A Round Brush + A Setting Spray Will Do The Trick

The round brush can be used to dry sections of your hair and style it simultaneously. Applying a finishing spray to set the kind of style you desire. 

Professional hair stylists advise us never to use blow dryers too close to your scalp as it can cause burn and can damage your hair. Leave a reasonable distance and see the stunning benefits of using hair dryers that provide salon beauty. 

Air-Drying Techniques For Stunning Hair

If you wanted to skip heated devices, that’s cool. Here are the natural ways to achieve styling without a blow dryer. 

  • It’s Okay To Skip Shampoo 

Shampoo can strip essential oils from your hair, causing it to be frizzy. Try to skip the shampoo and use a conditioner at hair tips. 

  • Get Rid Of Excess Water

One of the most successful ways of air drying is to let hair dry naturally. It means shaking off excess moisture by using a microfiber towel or shaking your hair a few times for quick drying. 

  • Carefully Detangle Strands

Since hair is at its vulnerable stage when wet, it’s best to carefully use your fingers or a comb with more crowded teeth in detangling hair strands. It also prevents hair breakage. 

  • Apply Some Moisturizer

To keep your hair smooth and frizz-free, apply a conditioner or hair oils after drying your hair.

  • Shape And Style Damp Hair Before It Dries

Make the most of air drying by shaping and styling your hair even before it gets dry. Try twisting or loose braids; they are among the easiest to begin.

  • Try Deep Conditioning At Least Once Per Week

Conditioning your hair at least once a week with a hair mask has excellent benefits: from shinier, smoother, and healthy-looking hair overtime.


With different ways on how you can dry your hair without damaging it is possible. It’s all about knowing the right process and deciding which one works best for you. Remember that each hair type requires a different approach to styling, drying, and caring for it.