How to get rid of Smile Lines

As you start getting old, your skin also grows and suffers the wear and tear of the internal and external stresses. These stresses add to the lines and wrinkles on your face. These lines can appear in different areas of your face. You can get these lines on your forehead around your eyes and also around your mouth. Moreover, these lines can lie about your age and make you look older. I don’t think anyone would want them anywhere on their face, I personally wouldn’t, as they do not look good as they add something extra to your age. There are many ways you can avoid the appearance of lines on your face. Here are some essential things you should consider.

What causes smile lines

There are many tips that you can follow on your day to a daily lifestyle that would eventually help you stay young and would prevent the appearance of fine lines on your face. Starting with the cliche stuff beforehand, good habits covering the proper sleeping habits, which means to get the optimum sleeping hours that your body needs. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking the optimum water to maintain the body stays in working condition. This, along with good eating habits comprising of healthy eating, which covers all essential nutrients, you can not only keep the physiology of your body at its best but also get healthy glowing skin as well. This would automatically reduce the speed of your skins aging process, eventually lesser appearance of fine lines on the face.

Moreover, skin protection is another critical factor. You are always suggested to protect your skin from the sun whenever you go outside. This means wearing sunscreen is an essential step in your skin protection and you can find great options on the cop cart. This avoids the UVA and UVB rays from penetrating deep into your skin. These sun rays are very harmful and add up to your skin damage. These rays also contribute to the development of skin cancer. However, the daily use of sunscreen can also help to preserve the natural collagen and prevent the already present skin lines from further worsening. Lastly, the dermatologist also talks about smoking as a significant external cause that causes the formation of smile lines, making them more prominent. You can seriously consider quitting bad habits for the sake of your appearance as well as your overall health.

What are smile lines

Smile lines are the lines that run vertically, starting from the sides of the nose and extending from there to curve around the mouth. These can be extended to the chin also. However, you are only one having the lines, and these lines are incredibly common nowadays. Now talking of these lines, there are two types of smile lines. One is Nasolabial crease, and the other is called Nasolabial fold. The nasolabial crease is the line that you can see between the cheek and the upper lip, whereas, the nasolabial fold is the tissue or the skin hanging over that crease line. Both types of lines develop over time resulting from the aging process and other lifestyle factors.

Furthermore, if you look back at your high school album, maybe half of the people in the picture have the nasolabial lines at that age. Having the nasolabial line does not necessarily mean that you are aging. People can develop deeper lines and creases with weight gain, age, or also due to dentition or dental issues, when teeth are not present at the place to support the overlying skin, thus further deepening the crease. Finding the right treatment depends on whether your wrinkles are static or dynamic. Smile lines that you see, which appear when you are laughing or smiling, are dynamic wrinkles, and these are easier to treat. Static wrinkles are also prevalent as we often use our muscles surrounding the eyes and lips while talking, smiling, and blinking as well.


Here are a few treatments to treat smile lines we would be talking about

  • No needle treatment
  • Fillers
  • Botox

   1. No Needle treatments

With no needle treatment, I mean the ways that do not involve any use of the needles. First of all, is the exfoliation, exfoliation does not immediately reduce the appearance of smile lines but helps to smoothen the skin overall. Moreover, you can use a gentle cleanser that has physical, chemical exfoliants, or topical alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids can include lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. By adopting a gentle daily cleansing routine, you can reduce the appearance of the already present line and can also prevent the new ones from coming. You should opt for the products that are rich in retinol and vitamin C, and these ingredients help to promote collagen production. You can also choose any serum or cream containing hyaluronic acid to keep the skin, plumped up and hydrated. There are a lot of products available in the market that efficiently does the job. Moreover, You can also incorporate different face yogas and massages in your skincare routine. These are very effective in reducing smile lines.

   2. Fillers

Another vital treatment is fillers. The filler injections are made up of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule of sugar that is found under the skin. The injection of filler could result in immediate improvement of the skin when it comes to fine lines.

   3. Botox

One of the most debated or search treatment methods when it comes to the skin would be Botox. Also, during smiling or laughing, our mouth is not the only part that is involved, or that moves, our eyes also animate and also produce creases because of the movement of the muscles of the area. For the treatment of smile lines, botox is another option that is also used for other parts of your face. By botox treatment, you will be able to see the results within a week. Moreover, the treatment lasts for three to six weeks. This duration can vary depending upon your Basal Metabolic rate, which means that how long would your body take to metabolize that botox. Furthermore, it can cost a lot more than other treatment options.

So, starting from improvement in your lifestyle to different treatments, you can adopt anyone to improve the appearance of your fine lines. However, I’d say you’re the best when you’re natural, so don’t worry too much about such lines as ultimately, they’re going to be there when you age. Lastly, be happy the way you are and try to introduce a healthy lifestyle, which could lead to long-lasting and better outcomes.