How To Grow A Thick Beard?

As soon as you see the first strands on your chin you want it to develop into that thick beard immediately. Well, don’t be disheartened if your beard is taking too long to grow. Just pursue these straightforward steps and stay dedicated while you wait.

Body Care

The facial hair totally depends on the health of your body. Include more foods that are protein rich like fish, beans, and eggs in your diet. Getting a full night’s sleep along with exercising reduces the stress in your life, thereby motivating the blood circulation, which in turn helps to advance facial hair growth. Exfoliate your face to remove the dead cells and try to keep your face squeaky clean.

Taking Care Of Your Body


Patience and perseverance are crucial to growing a full beard since the growth rate depends on a person’s genetics and testosterone level. Some men, however, give up just as progress commences. It takes a period of at least four weeks for the beard to grow and in the interim, you are going to go through uncontrollable itching where you will find yourself scratching your beard night and day. The hairs begin to soften and the itching finally subsides. Now, the growth will not be that most exasperating.

Minerals & Vitamins Intake

In addition to your planned diet of proteins, you can also add the right supplements like minerals and vitamins to help your beard grow faster. Biotin is an excellent supplement that will help to increase the growth of your facial hair. Fruits and vegetables are also filled with minerals and vitamins that hasten hair growth. You can also try flaxseed oil, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B6, nettle, and vitamin C. However, it is advised not to overdose your supplement intake.

beard growing tips

Keep Patience

During the 1st month of trying to grow beard, resist grooming like shaping or cutting any hairs in the beard or trimming. You may look a bit scruffy, but leave the beard alone! It promises to grow faster if you just let it be.  After about a month and a half, you can embark on cleaning and shaping as much as you like.

Increase Your Water Intake

Your beard needs just as much water to grow faster and fuller as your body needs to stay healthy. If your water intake is less, the blood flow to your face is reduced, thereby stunting the growth of your dream beard. Without the proper amount of water, the cells will not rejuvenate resulting in a drier, coarser beard.

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