How to Prevent Tattoo Acne Without Messing Up The Design?

Have you ever dreamed of getting a tattoo? Everyone wonders about it at least once. Few crazy souls get through the process and wear that tattoo like gem enriched jewelry.

Be it a cute butterfly on the ankle, a beautiful feather on the arm, or a courageous dragon on the chest, tattoos have become more popular.

However, some questions are still floating along the way from the home to the tattoo parlor are –

  • Do I have the right skin type to get a tattoo?
  • Will it cause skin reactions?
  • How to treat tattoo pimples and tattoo acne?

Well, if you are worried about preserving tattoos on acne-prone skin, then this post will answer all your questions.

What Are The Reasons for Catching a Bump On a Tattoo?

Some people hide acne scars behind a beautiful tattoo. The art of tattooing can hide your scars but might bring a few discomforts along the way.

Then again, scars on the skin might not welcome all the tattoo designs. You have to go for something simple which will stay intact on an irregular skin surface.

As you allow an artist to inject a color-pigment in your skin via a tattoo gun, you have to take special care.

But still if you observe itchiness or red rashes, check out the below mentioned causes to figure out your problem.

1. Skin Irritation:

A freshly carved tattoo might cause you skin irritation, a bit of redness, which could turn into tattoo bumps.

Besides, if you are wearing tight clothes, the fabric might rub the tattooed area causing rashes and discomfort.

2. Inflammation:

You just injected colors into your skin. Of course, your immune system will run to rescue your skin from allergies. But don’t freak out as swelling is natural…a part of a healing process.

If you have tattoo acne-prone skin, there is a teeny tiny chance that inflammation can cause your tattoo complications.

3. Allergies and Skin infection:

You might be allergic to colors and products used in tattoo creation. It can cause red rashes, itchiness.

Infections are a step ahead of allergies as a team of bacteria starts serving themselves over your tattoo. This might create tattoo blisters or bubbling. Not to worry as your immune system is capable of destroying bacteria.

What Causes a Cyst underneath a tattoo

If you have oily skin, pus generated from bacterial infection can develop a cyst– a sort of cavity under your tattoo. The first step of a cyst is a bump on your tattoo.

If a pimple takes a longer time to go away, it can form a cavity underneath. You might have to go to a dermatologist.

Sensitive skin could be prone to cysts. Cysts won’t form if you take immediate actions on the bumps or pimples.

Tattoo acne scars might also appear on your older tattoo. Yes, you read it correctly.

Even if your tattoo is completely healed, unfortunately, a delayed allergic reaction might appear on your skin. And if you have sensitive skin, a tattooed area would be a level ahead with sensitivity.

This might cause UV damage or infections due to excess oil production under your skin.

But a ray of sunshine is, you can prevent or treat all the above possibilities by taking the right treatment.

How to Prevent and Treat Tattoo Acne?

Way to go!! You got a fantastic tattoo. Chin up already. Now it’s time to prevent your tattoo from pimples, rashes, and a cyst under tattoo.

1. Cleanliness and Moisturizing:

A very simple and obvious tattoo acne treatment starts with cleaning the tattooed skin thoroughly. It will stop any dust or dirt from entering the skin pores, thereby preventing the bacteria spread. 

A good quality moisturizer like Averr Aglow’s Luminous Clear Skin Kit, will hydrate the skin and balance oil. Cleansing followed by moisturizer will prevent any tattoo pimples from spreading or growing.

Women also love to use the best combination of a Radiant Cleansing Nectar and Flawless Nourishment Cream by Averr Aglow. You can give it a try and see the difference.

2. Popping pimples is a big No:

Don’t ever pop pimples…of any sort…never. If you pop a pimple, you invite the spread of bacteria, risk of infection, and scars on a beautiful tattoo design. You wouldn’t want to ruin the design, would you? Keep the urge to pop the pimple, and you’ll be fine after the right treatment.

3. Don’t opt for harsh treatments:

Tattoo rash treatment that vanishes pimples overnight contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If you love your skin and your new tattoo, avoid falling for these treatments.

These treatments are harsh on your skin and fade the color of the tattoo ink.

You have to be patient to take the right steps to prevent pimples. Rejuvenating Essence body polish by Averr Aglow will cleanse, exfoliate, and naturally treat tattoo acne.

Lovely Ladies!

See? It’s not that hard to get a tattoo and prevent it from acne. Cherish your tattoo with a gentle touch. Brag about your tattoo, wear it with confidence and smile as bright as the colors of your tattoo.