How to Rock a Party in Vintage Style?

Do you have a beautiful vintage collection but unsure about wearing it in a party? A lot of people can relate to this situation when you really love a vintage dress in your wardrobe but wearing it to a party where everyone will be in shiny gowns or formal outfits seems a bad idea. As in most cases, vintage dresses look like a costume more than a dress itself.

But don’t worry!We have the best tips for you that will make your vintage dress look cool and even sexier than any dress! Let’s try them.

Mix and match

Try experimenting with mixing vintage dresses with modern separates. For example, you can wear a denim jacket over a vintage dress, that will look classy as well as entirely unique. If you’ve vintage tops or blouses, you can also combine them with torn jeans or shorts to give them the perfect modern look. You can wear them to a party, date, or on a casual meeting with friends.

Keep makeup light and contemporary hair

Makeup and hair completes your look. It is not only about the dress you’re wearing but also how perfectly your makeup and hair goes with it. It is always suggested to keep your makeup modern with light shades of eyeshadow, winged liner, nude lips and highlighter. Your hair should be as simple as they can be. You can leave your hair loose with a little curls or tie a messy bun with smokey eyes.

Pair it up with modern accessories

Another way to upgrade your vintage dress into a modern fashion statement is by adding some statement jewellery to it. You can wear a choker or metallic earnings with your dress to get the perfect party ready look. Bracelets and rings can also add a lot of statement to your evening vintage dress without stealing its real look. Ethical & durable diamond Jewelry alternatives like Zen Moissanite can be a perfect match for these occasions. You can know more about Zen Moissanite by visiting their website.

Add some Era-defining footwear

This might sound weird but if you’ll mix different era-fashions like footwear, the outcome can be really cool. You can pair your vintage dress with some unique pair of footwear that matches either the color of your dress or goes smoothly with the design. You can also consider wearing vintage style shoes with your vintage dress.

Fitting is everything

Make sure your dress is rightly fitted and perfectly embraces your body. It will not only flaunt your toned or curvy body but will also make the dress look more modern and stylish. There are some vintage dresses which have pencil body-fit designs, showing off a woman’s perfect curves.

Something that looks more like YOU and not your inspiration

Getting inspiration is a great thing but copying the same style without even knowing the difference between your and their body can ruin everything. You’ve to find something that looks more like you and reflects your personality and not something that you liked on someone else.

You can use these tips for wearing your vintage dresses and we’re sure it will help you a lot. If you’ve any other tip that can be useful for the people, do let us know in the comments section below.