How to Spot The Best Hair Salon Services

With so many hairdressers in town, you might be naturally confused about who to trust with your hair. Qualified hairdressers, such as Tony Shamas, are naturally the number one choice of many. However, how would you know which hairdresser will prove best?

The one thing that people get concerned about while choosing the best hairdresser is whether they are qualified and trained or not. By this point, you must have gone to different hairdressers and might even have experienced terrible things. Therefore, instead of selecting hair salons randomly, substantial time should be spent on consultation before booking an appointment.

What Makes a Good Hairdresser?

The Minimum Qualification of Level 2

The minimum qualification that makes a good hairdresser is Level 2, which takes two years to complete. For an experienced senior hairdresser, it takes three years. The subsequent level 4 revolves more situated for managing the hairdresser business. However, the level 4 hairdresser isn’t necessarily more skilled than the hairdresser of level 3.

Good Product Knowledge

A good hairdresser typically has good and extensive product knowledge. They also know all about the latest trends and prioritize conducting a patch test before proceeding with the hair dying and coloring. If your hair salon is least bothered to patch-test, it means they don’t care about their client’s welfare.

There is a rare chance that people might react to hair coloring and face some allergies. Therefore, if the hairdresser is ignoring a patch test, it means that they don’t care about their clients as well as their business. In other words, they are ready to put everything at risk, which is a red flag.

They Offer Proper Consultation

Consultation is mandatory, and a good hairdresser will always be ready to offer you a consultation session for free. It is important to have the consultation session prior to the day you want to get something done. For the guarantee of a smooth consultation visit, your hairdresser will have it booked in advance.

A Good Hairdresser Will Meet Your Expectations

A good hairdresser is well aware of the amount of time someone can leave hair dye on their hair. This is where the consultation session comes in. During the consultation session, the hairdresser determines what you are expecting from the session and how long the entire process will take.

A good hairdresser will also tell how often they will have to visit the hair salon for their hairstyle and hair color management. During the consultation session, a good hairdresser assesses your hair and your goals in depth. They will check out the client’s hair velocity and how quickly it will absorb the dye. In short, the hairdresser will assess the hair from all angles along with the overall look and makeup routine of their clients to see what will suit them best.

By taking notes and assessing all aspects of the client’s hair and their wishes, a good hairdresser ensures that the client’s needs are met in the best way possible. 

How to Search for the Best Hair Salon

While looking up the best hair salon, make sure to determine during the consultation that the hair salon specializes in the hair services you are looking for. Be wary of someone who claims to specialize in certain trends, but all their before and after pictures are only of high-profile celebrities and models. You also need to check the reviews and before and after pictures left behind by their previous clients. Take ample time while doing your research. One way to do so is to check their other clients’ reviews and see what people have to say about them on social media and other platforms.