How to take care of feet and hands at home

Your feet and hands may be the most exhausting parts of your body. Just think about how many times you need to walk a day, get something or catch something. Means “dirty work” exposing the skin in these areas to aggressive chemicals, harsh substances and a lot of dirt and bacteria. Just think about everything that happens with your feet and hands every day, and it is not surprising that you end up looking dry, wrinkled and apathetic, here are how to take care of feet and hands at home.



Exercising feet is as useful as exercising any other part of the body. Walking barefoot Sometimes, try lifting a pencil with your toes, walking on your toes, and then on your treatments. On the outside of the feet, and finally, at the inside of the feet. This way we can keep each part of the foot flexible rather than freezing or even freezing. Care for your feet should become the routine daily (especially after it becomes painful on a daily basis). The practice of lotion and its application every night is worth it. If nothing else, your heels will not be too dry, and sleep will be easier.



We must also wash it daily. Again, although we may not be able to shower or shower, for one reason or another, if our feet can touch the water, we must wash it daily. We can use warm water, and if we use a foot basin, it is best to follow their instructions about how long we should keep it in water. In general, I do not recommend more than ten minutes because immersing them in large quantities can distract them and make them crack.

This is also one of the simplest tips for standard care that you should follow. After washing your hands, wash your hands with warm water frequently. Lots of cold water or a lot of dilemmas tends to destroy your skin. Keep in mind that do not use traditional dish soap because it is difficult for the skin and added that the skin dries.

Use cream

After washing and drying, without forgetting to be dried between the toes, we can do this with cream, it is best to use cream does not contain any form of alcohol. Usually, alcohol dehydrates our skin. We should not put the cream between our toes, because this can contribute to sweating and even more if our feet are usually sweating. Alternatively, we can use a small powder there, to help keep it dry.

Washing your hands throughout the day can cause dryness quickly on hand, so, you should opt to apply hand’s moisturizer only on the hands at least 3-4 times a day. For use during the day, you should make a light water base, a quick moisturizing solution. While the cream-rich oils are smart at night, therefore, they will be absorbed during sleep to get rid of wet and soft hands in the morning. If you need to rinse your hands several times because of a lot of work at home, start and end up with a better umbrella today to help protect it.

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This is also one of the best hand care tips that you should follow. While putting the lotion on your hands, give it a quick massage. You can start with a fleshy part of the hand near the bottom of the thumb, and then work each finger from the bottom to the edge. It’s better to use a foot spa massager.


Our hands and feet are important in our daily basis. Therefore it is very important to always take care of them properly. Feet and hands should become a daily routine. Exercise and application of the preparation every night pays off. If nothing else, your heels will no longer be java, and sleep will be much easier.


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