How to Use Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Product

So, you want to figure out how to use your vape pen to stop smoking? Maybe patches and nicotine gums haven’t worked for you? Either way, this article may prove helpful with your journey towards quitting smoking. Unlike classic cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide the same sensation as cigarettes without the added concern of smelling like an ashtray.

Can e-cigarettes really help me to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking through a vape is more straightforward than you may expect. It is technically a method of weaning oneself off of nicotine. This is done by simultaneously handling physical dependency as well as the nicotine addiction. Read the rest of the article for more information.

While shopping for an e-cig, from the first moment you gaze upon it, you will have a desire for the most potent level in nicotine. This is a smart approach to assist you in quitting smoking.

Using e-liquids with different strength levels

A couple of e-cigarette agencies offer stronger products than others, for lighter stages, feel free to go for those that provide a wide range of strengths, like V2 Cigs. White Cloud is another excellent choice to consider, according to many long-time vapers.

As you gradually tame your habit, make sure you take a little longer with medium strength liquids before going to lower strengths. Give it about 8-9 weeks.Try going through the various e-juice products supplied by  and see what suits your tastes.

Take Things Step by Step

Comparing now to when you started, you should be able to judge whether you use the device too much and if it’s becoming a dependency. Once you have gradually scaled down from high to low-strength e-liquids, you will notice that you hardly need to have your vape pen with you. Soon you’ll be a few steps closer to achieving your goal of quitting.

The Trick

Once you get used to vaping, you may want to consider intentionally leaving your vape pen at home. Doing this when heading out will help tame any craves you may get while out. Getting to a point you use e-liquids with zero nicotine is not as scary as it sounds, but it’s hard if you do not have the patience for the journey.

Another trick to help stop smoking tobacco using e-cigarettes is by taking things at their own pace. The faster you attempt to quit, the more comfortable you get back to smoking.


Quitting smoking is both easy and hard depending on your perspective. However, you will never know if it is possible unless you give it a try. Also, the fact is, by using e-cigarettes, you are boosting your overall health and saving yourself close to $200 per month.

Technically e-cigarettes can be used as an attempt to quit smoking. However, how you do this will justify your end result.