Leg Garters with Straps: Stylish Looks from Marie Mur

Accessories are an original addition to a bright and stylish look. They are often used by those who want to show their individuality and stand out from others. Moreover, various elements of the wardrobe allow you to make your body more sophisticated and attractive.

In this article, we will tell you about the leg garters with straps and describe why they are often used by women. Looking ahead, we should note that you can easily buy a leather leg garter online on the best and most reliable website MarieMur.com, which can be visited by clicking on the link mariemur.com/collections/legs-garters. Despite the fact that the prices are not cheap there, the quality of mar products, which are put up for sale, is usually very high. Carefully study the below material in order to make the right choice.


The leather leg garter is a single system of belts that are worn on the thighs, ankles, and lower legs. These are unusual bracelets that adorn the legs of stylish female representatives. A spicy addition to the image is made of genuine leather, textiles, yarn, latex, and other materials.

Thanks to its special design, the leg harness garter can visually lengthen and slim women’s legs, emphasize the beauty and hide flaws. Modern fashion is very extravagant and diverse, so the leather thigh garter is widely used in everyday life.

Purpose of Usage

The leg garters with straps are an integral part of the ultra-modern look. Their main task is to advantageously focus the attention of others on the legs. Garters make ladies beautiful and very attractive. For the style trends of street style, military and casual, this decision is quite common.

It is also a great way to express yourself. The legs, belted with black leather straps with an abundance of metallic fittings, are considered almost an obligatory attribute for creating a bright style.

Kinds of Garters

Garters for women are available in several variations and can be classified according to the type of construction and materials used in production.

Garters are often made from:

  • Eco-leather;
  • Soft natural leather;
  • Textiles.

According to the experts of the site MarieMur.com, the most popular variety is leather. Less commonly, you can find products made of yarn and latex.

There are models without decor, but there are ones with an abundance of elements: sequins, rivets, rings, rhinestones, emblems. This is not the whole list of decorative elements that are used for decoration.

Eco-leather is also well suited for manufacturing. It is environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch, durable, and relatively inexpensive. As for the textile variations, they are also popular. However, they are less practical than leather garters.

The color palette is very diverse. Classic harnesses are produced in traditional colors – white, brown, red, black. Black takes the lead, as it is successfully combined with almost any marimur lingerie and clothes.

Visit the store MarieMur.com and choose something unusual for yourself! There are many garters, full sets of harness underwear, and other marie things that will delight every woman.