7 Make Up tips that work

Whether you’re getting ready for work or a night on the town, odds are you’re applying makeup. There are different tricks you can follow in order to apply makeup that makes it look like it was created by a professional makeup artist. We’re bringing you the different tips below that can make you look gorgeous without spending too much on makeup or too much time in front of the mirror applying it. Love to Slay offers free make up samples that allow you to test out some of these great ideas.

7 Make Up tips that work

1. Recover Your Dry Mascara 

Going to the store and buying new mascara every three months is one of the best feelings ever. Using it for a few weeks then realizing it’s all dried out and no longer usable is a not so great feeling. Luckily, this situation can be saved. 

Grab some saline solution and water, then just put a few drops on to your mascara. It will be recovered with the little drops of moisture. Good as new! Now you won’t have to worry about making another trip to the store to make an unnecessary purchase. 

2. Curl Your Lashes Quicker and Easier With Some Heat 

If you have issues with curling your eyelashes and keeping them that way for awhile, you might just need a little bit of heat to help you out with that problem. Just simply grab a hair dryer, plug it in, then point it directly at your eyelash curler. Just like you need heat to curl your hair when styling it, the heat will help the curl of your lashes as well. See makemeupmandy.com for more details on asian eyelash curlers.

When you’re running the hair dryer on the eyelash curler, be sure to pause for a few moments before applying the eyelash curler to your face. You’ll want it to start to cool down a little bit, so you don’t burn yourself. Try not to let it cool for too long though, or else the heat will go away and it won’t properly curl your lashes. 

3. Make Your Pencil Eyeliner Into Gel Liner in an Instant 

Pencil liner is nice to wear on certain occasions. But there are other times in life when you’d rather sport some gel eyeliner, but you don’t have it around. Rather than hitting the store and buying brand new gel liner, you can make it with your pencil liner. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Grab your kohl eye pencil 
  2. Find a lighter or match (either one works fine) 
  3. Light the match or lighter and hold the pencil underneath the flame you’ve made 
  4. Hold it there for one second in the fire heat 
  5. Let the pencil cool for approximately 15 seconds 
  6. What as the pencil liner turns into gel in a snap  
  7. Apply the liner to your face for a funky and smudgy look 

4. Use a Spoon to Assist with Smoother Application 

There are two methods you can apply if you utilize a spoon properly. 

The first is using it to keep you from making any accidental marks on your eyelid. Make sure you’re holding the spoon properly so it is up against your eyelid and sort of hugging it. Begin putting your mascara on your eye as usual. Then, put your mascara on against the backside of the spoon and your lashes. The extra parts of the eyeliner will stay on the spoon and won’t rub onto your skin at all.

The second method helps you properly make an attractive winged eyeliner look. You’ll want to grab the spoon and put it up to the corner of your eye on the outside of your eye. Then you’ll draw a straight line as you begin to start drawing a cat-eye shape. The spoon will them be flipped and then it will begin hugging your eyelid. Then you’ll utilize the outside edge of your spoon to make winged eyeliner that looks incredibly beautiful. 

5. Add Just the Right Amount of Glue to Your Eyelashes 

Nervous about using the right amount of glue and applying it properly to your eyelashes? You no longer have to be if you simply have a bobby pin. Grab your bobby pin and glue, then put just a bit of glue on the very tip of your bobby pin. 

You’ll want to make sure you’re spreading the glue around very neat and evenly on your false lashes. Take a few seconds to wait for the glue to stay firmly on the lashes, then you can start to put them on your real lashes. 

6. PerfectlyBlendedSmokeyEye 

Hashtags aren’t just a trend on twitter. They can also be a trend in your makeup application. Draw a hashtag on the corner of the outside area of your eye. Take that hashtag sign and start to blend it with the opposite end of your eyeliner that has the smudging tool side. This will make your eyeliner look a lot smokier and mysterious as you sport a gorgeous and unique style. 

7. Hide Any Puffiness or Dark Circles 

Concealer is a very magical makeup tool. There is a way for it to make you look even more gorgeous. Rather than adding dots on your face when applying your concealer during your makeup routine, instead try to add little triangle shapes. Add the bottom of the triangle to the bottom section of your cheek, then work up the rest of your face from there. 

If you try this trick, it can help hide any redness that you may see start to appear at the sides of your eyes as well as the bottom of your eyes as well. Your face immediately looks brighter, fuller and more lifted. Nothing on your face will seem like it’s drooping and you will no longer be showing off a tired and dreary look. 


Many people assume the makeup application process is a hassle, takes a long time and super expensive. It doesn’t have to be if you know the right tricks and tips to follow in order to apply makeup in a way that is incredibly simple and cost-effective. By utilizing these different makeup application methods, you can sport a stylish look that makes you look glamorous in no time.