Military Haircut Fade

Assuming that you are ready to try it out and jump right into a fresh new military cut, you might find yourself regretting your decision if you do not have a clear picture in mind on what you want and how you want your hair to turn out. There might be pictures in the barber shop you visit helping you choose one, but a military haircut, that fits you perfectly, is somewhat harder to find. But rest assured, with the right cut you will seem more bold and self-disciplined. In many cases, a lot of men have opted to make their favorite haircut a military inspired one. So, how should you go out about choosing the perfect cut for you? Here are some sophisticated by pleasant haircuts that should tell you more about the world of military haircuts.


The Burr Military Haircut

The popularity of this cut among a lot of famed actors is evidence of how simple, elegant and effective this cut is. The burr military haircut is very close to having a shaved or bald head. This is absolutely perfect for those who want to cut their hair very short without clipping it off to the skin. In general, at the end of the cut, you are left with hair that is an eighth of an inch. The look can be easily acquired with a part of hair clippezzrs. Additionally, if you find yourself a good barber, you can get a well-structured faded look with the burr military haircut.


The Regulation Military Cut

This cut is probably one of the oldest among the ones mentioned here, however, it is still as effective as it once was. The cut can be accomplished by keeping most of your original hair intact, up to two inches of it, as it requires minimal trimming. Usually, the hair on the top is parted to one side and then the hair on the back and sides are tapered off. After the cut, the hair on the cut gives a really nice faded look since the ends of it are usually tapered down until the skin using a combination of clippers and scissors.

The Flat Top Military Cut

This cut was popular back in the late 1900s. Many consider it obsolete now but it is still just as stylish as it was back then. Although this cut does not really work for everyone, it is the perfect choice for men with straight hair. In most cases, the hair is trimmed from the top in such a way that when brushed up, the hair remains flat. To make the flat top stand out more, the sides along with the back of the head are cut very short into a fade. This is entirely dependent on you, however, so be sure to instruct the barber according to your preference.


High and Tight Haircut

This is highly recognizable as a military haircut. However, it does not really work on all people. The cut involves having the top trimmed down to just an inch long at most and then the sides tapered off depending on your preferences. In most cases, the sides are left comfortably short and feature a nice faded look. On top of all this, once you slap on some gel and brush your hair accordingly, you are set for one of the nicest and popular military haircuts out there.


The Crew Cut

This cut is as common as it is simple. This cut involves trimming most of the hair down to about two inches but letting the front of the head keep a slightly longer than the rest. Moreover, the hair on the side can be either cut much shorter or completely tapered off depending on your preference.


The Comb Back

The comb-back is a lot like the high and tight. As the name implies, the top of the now shorter hair is brushed back with some gel. The sides are a lot like the high and tight as well. However, this time around the fade is far more noticeable and pronounced. The look works great with a trimmed beard and stubs.

The Fade Haircut

Arguably one of the most popular of the cuts. Although this cut has some variations, the original military one is styled in a standard manner. First off, the hair at the top must not exceed two inches and the hair on the sides are cut to the shortest possible length. For a good execution of this cut, you should get yourself a proper stylist. Moreover, since there are variations to the core cut, try and find the one that works the best for you.

Let’s get into the types of the Fade Haircut:

  • Regular Fade: This is when the hair is tapered down naturally and gradually down to your natural hairline. Once the hair gets short and close to your hairline, a low guard clipper will be used to handle the rest.
  • High Fade: The high fade is much more aggressive than the regular fade. The hair is tapered much more quickly and finishes off a couple of inches above your hairline before the low guard clipper is used to finish off the rest.
  • Low Fade: This is sort of an in-between. The low fade falls right in the middle of the high fade and the regular fade. That is, the hair is tapered down until about an inch and a half above your natural hairline. Then, as usual, the clippers come in to finish to job.

A good haircut can go a long way in determining your outlook. Which in turn has a massive effect on your level of self-confidence. A good military style haircut can go a long way in making you look and feel bolder and more disciplined. A military haircut is both functional and attractive, whether you are prepping for an important meeting, a night out with your friends or significant other, or even fighting it out in the battlefield equipped with a fully automatic rifle and a rifle scope, the cut serves you well. Therefore, consider getting yourself the right one for you to help make your life just a little bit better.