Red Cocktail Dress Outfit Ideas

In need of a few ideas for styling your red cocktail dress a few different ways? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for the right piece and you’re not quite sold on the versatility? The good news is? While red is undoubtedly a bold and bright tone, it’s actually a bit of a shapeshifter once you get into the swing with the right kind of styling choices. A tiny bit of creativity goes a very long way when it comes to making your red dress work for multiple occasions, seasons and styling moods! Here’s some tips to spark your inspiration…

The right red dress

It’s not about any old red dress, it’s about the right red dress. Look for a cut, length and fit that make you feel your absolute best. If you love the more minimal things in life, search for a simple straight cut strappy style in a solid crepe or silk material to keep it elegant and simple, while still having all the impact of that bold and bright red tone. More of a romantic at heart? Look for something more floaty and vintage in an a-line midi length style for a gorgeous statement addition in your wardrobe. Mini dresses can also work for cocktail hour, they’re just going to take a little more work to dress it up to curb the carefree feel of a shorter style. Try browsing, keep your measurements on hand and make sure you’ve inspired yourself before you hit add to cart. Successful shopping means being in touch with your mindful side!

Red Cocktail Dress Outfit rear view
Image via: Alamour The Label

Styling tips

Now for a few favourite outfit ideas! There’s so many possibilities, these are just a few options to start getting into the playful styling spirit for your upcoming cocktail hour…

Bright contrasts

If you’re feeling bold and creative, why not try adding a colour contrast? Pink and red play perfectly together, and they’re both beautifully feminine. Choose either beaded or resin pink earrings, a necklace and rings to add a kick of contrast right away. Then match this shade in your shoes and clutch or even a jacket to drape over your shoulders to up the impact.

Monochromatic mood

Monochromatic styling is so much fun, and great if you really want to transform the feel of your red dress. Instead of painstakingly trying to match the exact red shade in your dress, collect different accessories in different tones of red. If you have a true red dress, go for muted rusty suede shoes, a wine hued shawl, a spicy orangey red bag and add a paler pink lip shade.

Bohemian layers

If you want to get that earthy, boho babe feel, you’re going to have to get comfortable with adding little layers here and there. Start with platform sandals or slip on dress shoes, and then turn your gaze towards your jewellery collection! Layers and layers of beaded necklaces, a few bangles and some hoop earrings will have you looking stunning in a few moments. Complete the traveller vibe with an ornate headscarf and some glowing, golden makeup for a stunning impression.

Completely classic

A red dress is hands down the perfect canvas if you’re looking to channel a little old Hollywood glamour at your next event! And the best part? It’s super simple. Add some neutral elegant heels, curl your hair or put it up in a high bun and finish with a dainty string of pearls. You can add some matching red lipstick and a cream or neutral toned shawl for some added vintage accents.

Which of these red dress outfit ideas are you going to put to the test?