How to Save Money When Planning for Your Wedding

Your wedding is said to be one of the happiest moments of your life. It’s the time you are officially calling your other half, your spouse. But weddings are costly. Every detail of the wedding from the venue to the reception costs money. Whether you want a simple wedding or a grandiose one, you can still save up money. You don’t need to spend thousands on one day for it to be considered perfect.

To have your dream wedding without emptying your savings, follow these tips:

  1. Create a well-defined budget

Budgeting is one way to keep your wedding plans on track. Without a budget, costs will be unchecked and may leave you having an open checkbook. But if you set a budget, you know what expenses are needed, and you can decrease the chances of spending on unnecessary things. Here’s how to create a well-defined budget:

  • List down expenses

List down all the possible expenses from wedding dress down to fixtures. It’s vital to note price ranges of the known and estimated costs to come up with an amount and choices as well for better comparison of prices. For instance, wedding dress choices are available at The Volte dress hire Sydney which offers low-cost dresses from brides to bridesmaids, etc.

  • Set a Maximum

After knowing all the expenses and its expected costs, sum up your savings and your fiance’s savings so you can set a maximum budget. It’s best to set aside some of your total savings so you can still have cash that you can use after your wedding. If you have no savings or both your savings are too low to fund a wedding, there are ways to fund your wedding such as loaning from banks.

  • Stick to Your Budget

After knowing all the expenses and how much you can spend, you now have a budget goal. You must stick to your budget goal so you won’t overspend.

  1. Pick A Budget-Friendly Venue

The location of your wedding should not be limited to the closest or most convenient place from your house. You can explore nearby areas that have an excellent venue but fair prices. Or you can try a non-traditional site such as a vacation house, public park, or a friend’s land. When you choose non-traditional wedding venues, you can save some to add in your wedding ring budget.

Depending on where you live, you can also opt for these venues:

  • Country club or golf course – best for rural areas or small town as they are cheaper compared to clubs in bigger cities.
  • Campgrounds – campsites that can cater to larger gatherings like your wedding is also cheaper. It can cost $15 and up depending on how large your group is.
  • Restaurants – some don’t charge for a venue fee, instead, only charges for the food. Choose one with excellent decor and ambiance so you can cross out decoration expenses from your budget.
  • Museum or gallery space – choose gallery or hall rentals that do not require outside caterer as this can be a separate cost. Instead, choose ones that have catering services that they use in every event. Hall or museum receptions include food, drinks, music, and decorations so that you can save up on such expenses.
  1. Make A Guest List

The more guests you have, the more expenses can add up to your budget. So, if you invite everyone whom you know to attend your wedding, adjust the maximum of your budget. However, if you keep your guests to a minimum, you can lessen your expenses. Moreover, it’s vital to give out invitations and require them to send confirmation of attendance. It is a way to save you from reserving a seat that will be empty when the guest will not attend.

Here are tips that can guide you when choosing whom to invite:

  • Draw a line and put a small number of guests you need to invite. For instance, think whether to invite distant relatives, business associates, or co-workers. Instead, make your wedding intimate by inviting only the people who give meaning to you and your partner’s lives. These people include immediate family and closest friends.
  • Give your parents a specific number of guests that they can invite. It will avoid overcrowding your wedding with people whom you don’t know.
  • As much as possible, limit the attendance of children. Only have children who have roles during your wedding.


Planning your wedding includes coming to a budget that you can stick to. Without such a budget, you are more likely to spend more than you have. The tips above will help you save hundreds of dollars on your wedding. Moreover, what counts is your wedding preference, not the venue, nor the guests.

And last but not least, here are a number of tips from Hayley Paige Johnson on how to save money while still having the wedding of your dreams: