Is It Customary to Tip a Med Spa?

During your last visit to the doctor, you most certainly did not tip them. It is common knowledge that tipping is not necessary for a medical setting. What about when you went to the local day spa for a relaxing weekend? At day spas, things are different. Typically, you can tip 15-20% of your procedure’s prize.

Medical spas are where people find it difficult to know whether to tip or not. This is because they are a cross between a medical clinic and a day spa. The previous consensus was that this was inappropriate. Today, tipping a medical spa depends on the person providing you with the services and your procedure’s prize. This read will tell you situations in which you can tip in a medical spa such as Revitalize You MD medical spa.

Changes in The Medical Spa Landscape

Medical spas today are quite different from back in the 1990s when they were starting. At the start, doctors were the most owners of medspas. These doctors would mostly conduct invasive procedures like dermabrasion and Botox injections. The cost of these treatments was high because of the expensive products and equipment involved.

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Given the costly processes, tipping was not necessary as it would discourage potential clients. Plus, it would paint a bad image on their medical reputation. Since the doctors were the owners, they were taking all the profit; thus, a tip was not needed.

Nowadays, some doctors still own medical spas but employ other people to assist them. Additionally, investors with no medical training also start medical spas. However, they team up with medical personnel to oversee their investments.

Check for Notices

Some medical spas do not accept tips. This is mainly for invasive procedures such as administering Botox injections. During such treatments, you will pay a handsome amount. Hence the doctor makes more than enough to need a tip.

Medical spas that do not allow tipping will usually have a note at the welcoming lounge indicating so. Some will also display this information on the brochure besides indicating the services they offer. You can still inquire at the front desk if tipping is okay before going in for your treatments.

If you do not see any information discouraging tipping and the front desk team says you can do so, what should stop you? If the services are quality, you can tip the amount you wish to offer.

Who is Delivering The Services?


Today, medical spas offer some services that you will find in a traditional spa. For instance, you will have facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels in them. In most cases, aestheticians are the ones that will see you through these treatments. They will also conduct micro-needling, laser hair removal, IPL, and skin tightening. These procedures are costly, given the price of the equipment.

Usually, their salary is $15-$20 per hour, which does not increase irrespective of the procedure. Notably, few people tip aestheticians. Even if an aesthetician is taking you through an expensive treatment, you don’t have to tip 20%. Giving them a $20 tip or thereabout is an excellent way to appreciate their services.


Nurses get much more than what aestheticians. On average, they receive a wage of $35 per hour. Even though this payment may be sufficient for their needs, they do not own the spa. Hence, if you enjoy the services you get, it is always good to give them a token of appreciation. You may be going for a simple facial or quite expensive treatment. So, it is not a must to stick to the 20% norm. Whatever you offer is okay. Giving tips will motivate the nurses to provide better services and help build good relationships.


In some instances, doctors are also owners of the medical spa you are visiting. If such a doctor is taking you through a procedure, it is mostly a complicated one. These may include laser treatments for skin conditions, cellulaze, and body sculpting. You will pay expensively to access these services. Since the doctor makes a lot of money out of it, it is unnecessary to tip them.

However, some doctors are employees at medical spas. They still get a lot of money. You may decide to offer a tip, but they won’t accept tips from clients. Besides, a $20 tip is way lower than what they earn per hour.


Finally, look at the information at the front desk to find out if tipping your medical spa is okay. If so, you can tip aestheticians and nurses who offer you services. There is no need to tip doctors since they already make enough money.