Taking Proper Hair of Long Hair: Is There Anything New for You?

Who of us doesn’t dream of having beautiful long hair? We think there’s a majority of women on the planet who wish to boast such achievement. However, we clearly understand that to reach this goal we have to work a lot. It’s a hard thing to do, but the results will definitely make you and the people around happy and pleased.

The peculiarities of straightening long hair

Long hair looks beautiful when they are straight. Because of this point of view, many women try to straighten it as often as it’s possible. The question is: how to do it right without harming? First of all, you can use any kind of heated hair styling stuff you want, such as CHI straighteners, Remington, BaByliss and so on. It depends on the characteristics you want to apply and use, and the cost you are ready to pay.

Before starting the straightening process, you should realize that it’s necessary to prepare your hair. It means using the right kind of shampoo; the best solution is the smoothing one. Moreover, don’t dry it out because it won’t lie as flat as you need it to. One more important thing to do is to use the proper brush. The mix of nylon and boar bristle is rather fine.

Don’t start straightening your hair until it’s completely dry. Always use thermal protection when straightening, because there`s no use from long burnt hair. Also watch the temperature you use, because your hair’s health can be seriously damaged.

Modern flat irons are better to use than the old ones. So, it’s better to choose the one with advanced technology.

Washing and drying your long hair

Drying long hair

Most of you think that it’s easy to do it. However, there’s some stuff to pay attention to.

1. Choose the shampoo that will suit your hair type best. To do this, talk to the hairdresser or do a little research yourself.

2. The best time for washing long hair is in the evening. This way it will be prone to air dry, which will allow saving better health of your hair.

3. The regularity of shampooing also matters. But to find the most optimal amount of times you should know your hair. For some women lack of shampooing for a couple of days can lead to oiliness. Curly hair requires the process only a few times a week.

4. It’s interesting that it’s better to condition hair before applying shampoo. It will allow making hair shiny and smooth.

5. Blow-drying right after the washing isn’t the best solution. It can lead to damaging your hair. That’s why it’s more preferable to wait at least half an hour before doing it.

6. To dry more effectively, it’s fine to use a round brush and divide your hair into the sections. It will ease the process and bring less damage.

Long hair styling

Look through the list given here and you will probably find something new for yourself.

1. Beachy waves. They can be easily created by putting wet hair into two plaits.

2. Side-swept waves. Such waves are often created by using BaByliss styling stuff.

3. High ponytail. It looks neat and sexy at the same time.

4. Boho braid. This looks pretty because of its slight negligence. Try it and you are going to love it!

5. Undone low pony. It can look rather fine from time to time.

6. Box braids. This is going to take much time and you will have to visit the salon to do it, but you will definitely love the results of it!

7. Triple knot ponytail. That’s a way to upgrade standard hairdo, which seems boring to you.

We hope that this article was useful for you and you are going to apply the advice given here. It’s going to make your long hair look and feel better than before. If you don’t believe it, just check and make sure it really works!