The Curly Girl Method

The Curly girl approach is a method that is used to take care of hair that is typically curly and does not need chemicals to look relaxed.  The curly girl method is very much alike to the no-poo approach because it dissuades the use of shampoo and instead uses a cleansing conditioner, also referred to as conditioner washing. Silicones are not used; diffusers are not used as well when blow-drying, and clothes, combs, or terrycloth towels are not used as well. Hire professional writers to help with homework and allow you ample time to groom yourself.

The reason why the curly girl discourages the use of numerous elements is that the approach makes an attempt at using completely natural methods for hair care. The aim is to ensure that there is minimal damage to the hair cuticle, and the hair remains as moistened as possible because curly hair is more likely to become dry as compared to straight hair. Also importantly, the purpose of this approach is to ensure that the hair is more accentuated instead of impeding its natural style.

  • Origins of the Curly Girl Approach

Lorraine Massey, the UK-born hairstylist, entrepreneur, and the architect of the Devachan Salons, and the DevaCurl Product line, wrote a book known as “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” The book details how to take care of hair that is curly and avoid practices that are detrimental to curly hair. Her propositions have demonstrated that they work quite marvelously for many people with curly hair. However, this does not mean that they are the only approach for anyone with this type of hair. Anyone can come up with modifications that are appropriate for their own hair.

  • Working with the Curly Girl Method

The curly girl approach has recommendations on what you should do and what you should not do when you have that type of hair. It also teaches people with curly hair what they ought to avoid or what they should embrace. These recommendations will improve and stimulate their natural curl. Many people with wavy hair commence their hair adventure only to realize that, in reality, they have curly hair. Here are some of the do and don’t recommendations that anyone with curly hair should consider in order to enhance the development of their hair successfully.

The Dont’s of Curly Hair

  • Curly hair should never be washed too often. It is advisable to wash this type of hair two to three times per week.
  • Avoid using anything with sulfates on your hair. Most shampoos have this substance.
  • Never use any form of silicones that cannot dissolve. Again most conditioners and styling products have these substances.
  • You should avoid brushing or combing your hair because this will stretch the hair and cause it to lose its natural styling. Most people with curly hair prefer to use a type of sizable tooth comb or Denman brush that has gone through some adjustments to work the conditioner through their hair when washing.
  • You should completely avoid using heat because it will cause critical damage to your curly hair.
  • Using towels is not recommended because they will tangle the hair cuticle and bring about a lot of frizz or fuzz. This is regardless of how tender you try to be. Curly hair is more porous, and this why the frizz or fuzz occurs in them much quicker than in another type of hair compositions. 
  • Never apply alcohol to your curly hair because it will cause the hair to dry out, and yet not all types of this alcohol will actually dry.
  • It is not recommended that you color or dye your hair because your type of hair is best when kept natural and is the entire ideology behind your curly girl approach. When you apply different shades for your hair, you will have to use additives or elements that are not advocated for and are on the list of ingredients you should not use.

The Do’s of Curly Hair

  • Use cleansing conditioner when washing your hair because it has all the advantages of shampoo but does not have the severe, moisture-less, peeling additives of a shampoo. It also has all the advantages a conditioner has without being too bulky.
  • Always use natural moisturizers and lighter oils. This is particularly important for people with curly afro hair.
  • You should also use ingredients that are rich in protein, such as eggs and avocados.
  • Glycerin is preferable for curly hair because it has properties that will soften the hair and condition it. It is non-toxic and contains components that will retain moisture. 
  • You can also use aloe vera and flax seeds because they have moisturizing properties.
  • If you must comb your hair, use products that scrunch it instead of using brushes. Scrunching enhances the curl styling while brushing is likely to pull the curl out.
  • Using a towel is not advisable, but if you must use one, a microfiber towel is preferable. You could also use a cotton towel.
  • Different Types of Curly Hair

It is important to determine the type of curly hair that you have because this will help you determine what to use for your hair. There is the type 2 curly hair, which is generally wavy and is found with most people of European origins or Caucasians. Type 3 is what many people recognize as curly. There is type 4, which is curly, quite textured, and voluminous. This is the type of hair that is generally found with Africans and is known as afro curls.

  • Getting Your Hair at Its Best

Getting your hair to its best curly potential takes time and requires diligence. The reason why you must be patient is that you might be tempted to straighten your hair. If you do that only once, your curl design might get marred and take time to repair or recover. If you continually straighten or blow-dry your hair, or even use curling tongs or any form of heat on it, you might cause long term damage to your curly hair.

What’s important about the curly girl method is that you love your hair and treat it well. This means that you must completely avoid using anything that will damage your natural curl style. This is why the curly girl approach has adopted co-washing, where instead of using shampoos that might cause your exquisite hair to become parched, you use conditioner for an outstandingly hydrated effect.