5 Tips for Dressing Your Man in Style This Winter

5 Tips for Dressing Your Man in Style This Winter

The winter season is characterized by frosty, cold weather and the average looking snowmen. These men come out burying themselves under bulky coats, massive ski-gloves, and frumpy scarves. They try their best to stay warm during the winter, and any sense of style is completely thrown out of the window. However, did you know that you could still dress stylishly for winter without freezing every time you step outside? Here are five tips to grooming your man in style this winter:

1)         Layering Your Winter Clothes

Winter may not necessarily be the most favorite season for many people, but it is the perfect time for trying out a diverse mix of style and matching combinations. With up to four different clothing layers, there is plenty of room for creativity. You have much more outfit options. You can always remove one layer if it gets too hot during the day while still maintaining your stylish look. According to the leading men’s fashion blog, you should ensure that your outfit looks well put-together and not just grabbing some random clothes from your wardrobe and layering them together.

2)         Wearing Some Essential Winter Accessories

Wearing winter-adequate accessories like hats and scarves is necessary for staying comfortable and warm. You can go for the knit cap as it goes well with both formal and casual looks. However, make sure you avoid those tassels, pom-poms and any other cute hat embellishments. If you want to appear more masculine and mature, the typical knit cap is sufficient. For scarves, pick one that is brighter in color than your coat to accentuate your look.

3)         Using Winter-Adequate Fabrics

Choosing clothes that are made with the ideal fabrics is another smart way to maintain your sense of style and stay warm during water. The four notable winter fabrics include cotton, denim, leather, and wool. Cotton is ideal for the middle or base layers since they are absorbent and enable your outfit to breathe, thus reducing sweat. Denim is perfect for legwear, and the top and intermediate layers, like jeans or a denim jacket. Likewise, leather and wool will keep you warm while looking great.

4)         Wearing The Best Winter Footwear

The regular shoes, specifically dress shoes, will not be of any help to you during water. However, that does not mean that you must walk around in heavy outdated boots. Nowadays, there are multiple options. Some of the best boots for winter include brogue boots, leather desert, and hiking boots, duck boots, and Chelsea boots.

5)         Using The Ideal Winter Coat

Even though your coat must keep you safe from the cold, wintery elements, you should make the effort of choosing a stylish one. The trick here is to select a classic winter coat, and not just go for what appears to be trending. Also, ensure you get a neutral colored one like navy, khaki, or grey. You want to make sure that the coat you choose is versatile and that it bodes well with any outfit. There are multiple options here including trench coats, pea coats, and duffle coats.