Tips for Hair Straightening Treatment from Keranique Experts

Do you know the information that there are several different types of hair in the world? Check this link to see what these are. Depending on a number of factors, which you can read more about on this site, strands can be stronger or weaker, more or less flexible, prone to curling or not. Still, straight, shiny, and smooth hair is something most women dream about.

Hair without waves and curls that fall slightly has always been in trend, regardless of length, because above all, it looks healthy. However, the main advantage of this look is that it can be styled in multiple ways and is generally easier to maintain than other natural coiffures.

If you like your hair to be smooth and straight, and a straightening press or brush is part of your daily routine, you have certainly researched a number of straightening treatments. Sure, there are many ways to make your it always as straight and shiny as immediately after applying the mask and ironing. But without a doubt, the most popular treatment of this kind is keratin straightening.

The Secret Ingredient: Keratin

Keratin for straightening has recently become a real sensation, but for many good reasons. Treating strands with this natural protein (already found in all living tissues inside the body) has many benefits. After this treatment, they are straight, renewed, and silky. That shortens the time required for the styling. Even damaged and dry fibers regain their shine.

The technique involves the application of fiber-rich lotion on the hair shaft after deep wash. Once applied to the strands, this protein forms a coating that makes strands firm and strong. It keeps the moisture out while preventing split ends from forming.

As the keratin bonds with the strands, it makes them heavier. It also restores the moisture content back to the scalp. As you probably know, moisture within the hair is the main ‘culprit’ for its curling. Keratin acts as a shield against moisture and protects epithelial cells from stress and damage.

The layer of fibrous protein is substantial, durable, and waterproof. It seals the cuticle together, so it is safe from any further damage. Many women prefer keratin straightening treatment as it’s safe. But what’s even better is that all ladies can do it, regardless of their hair type.

Choose Professionals

how to get straight hair

Keratin straightening is equally useful for all hair types, even when it’s damaged, colored, or thin. It’s just important to leave the job to the professionals. Make sure to do detailed research of those who will work around your head.

The process itself is quite complicated and takes several hours, but the time can vary, depending on the hair type and its condition. Also, the procedure itself depends a lot on who performs it, as well as what products they use.

In order to avoid fiber damaging due to the chemicals and heat of the flat irons, it is recommended that you have the treatment done by professionals who use specialized equipment. Certified experts who perform these treatments will guide you in detail. They will explain why this procedure is much less harmful than daily blow-drying or the use of hot styling tools.

Additional Care

It takes a few days to see the best results after your first session. After that, the hair on your entire head will be silky smooth, and the frizz will go away. You will be able to wear your new straight haircut without the use of any chemical products that will damage it.

You will need to buy a good quality keratin-based shampoo and conditioner or mask. Sure, you can do your washing routine as usual and use regular shampoos. But they will wash off the keratin sooner than it should. On the other hand, specialized products will maintain this protein on your cuticles, providing them with extra nourishing.

Visit the following source for tips on repairing damaged cuticles: Another tip is to wash your hair regularly with these products to maintain the beautiful looks. It’s a common misconception that keratin makes your hair greasy. That can happen if an unskilled hairstylist does this treatment and apply the products all over the strands, from the roots to the edges. It’s a good idea to ask about the procedure before you undergo it, and make sure to find out how keratin is applied.

Do the keratin treatment in winter, when you won’t wet your hair in the pool or sea or expose it to the sun. If this happens, protect your head with a bathing cap and a hat so that chlorine and UV rays don’t break down keratin fibers quickly. Sleep on soft, silky pillowcases to reduce the friction that makes the strands look frizzy.

Keratin Promotes Growth Too

Keratin products will successfully renew and strengthen your hair from the roots. This fibrous protein will rebuild and maintain the structure of strands. It provides a basis for their growth and a healthy look. Even after a straightening treatment, new hairs won’t curl or get wavy.

Keratin penetrates the very core of the strand, the so-called cortex, and stimulates it to grow. At the same time, the layers of this protein envelop the cuticle making it thicker and softer. It will flatten the cells of the outer strands’ layer, which makes them look silkier and straighter.

Ladies who have used keratin to straighten their hair agree that the difference in the strands’ quality before and after the treatment is very noticeable. If you check Keranique customer reviews, you may read that users of keratin-based products have even noticed the growth of new fibers in places where it has become thinner or fallen off.

Once the keratin treatment has been applied, the hair gets left with a beautiful shine, followed by the silky feel and the smooth and straight look. But the ‘bad news’ is that keratin will wash off after a few months. So in order to maintain results as long as possible, your new hairstyle will need extra care.