Top 10 Benefits of Baobab Oil

Baobab essential oil is known to offer an amazing array of benefits. The oil is sourced from Boswellia sacra or Boswellia caterii tree which is mostly found in India & Africa. It’s sweet soothing woody fragrance helps to calm down the nerves and also contains many healing properties. The post below offers a brief list on the top baobab essential oil benefits.

1.Reduces respiratory issues

Respiratory issues borne sinus and bronchial infections are relieved by baobab essential oil. The oil clears the airways and enables one to breathe easily. Then, the oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to open up breathing passages in your lungs. Thus, this oil is extremely effective for those down with chronic asthma. The oil also reduces phlegm and soothes cough woes.

2.Natural disinfectant

baobab oil is a very beneficial natural disinfectant. It can help you to beat germs and bugs and ensure a healthy living condition around. You will simply need to make a mix of the oil and water in your spray bottle and spray the essence around your home to keep yourself safe from insects and germs. On one hand, you will not have to rely on regular house cleaners and insect repellents that are loaded with harsh chemicals. On another hand, your haven will smell divine thanks to the pleasant aroma of baobab.

3.Reduces inflammation

Reduces inflammation

As mentioned earlier, the oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and it is almost as powerful as OTC anti-inflammatories. Thus, the oil is excellent for those suffering from arthritis or Crohn’s disease. You will just have to apply the oil on your swollen part to enjoy immediate relief. The best part is unlike OTC pills, this natural essential oil assures no negative side effects.

Several studies have stated that the oil is able to suppress generation of major inflammatory molecules that are related to typical painful conditions. These include arthritis, bowel disorders ad well as other such conditions. It’s to note here, the anti-inflammatory stance of the oil is extremely effective to prevent breakdown of cartilage tissues. It makes a fantastic natural solution for any sort of inflammatory situation.

4.Great for dental health

If you are suffering from dental issues and looking for natural solutions, count on baobab essential oil. The oil is packed with antiseptic properties which help it fight the bad bacteria inside the mouth which leads to bad breath and plaque. It also helps to fight other oral issues such as mouth sores, cavities, tooth decay and so on. Then the oil is a good remedy to prevent gingivitis. You can pour a few drops of the oil on your toothpaste or mouthwash everyday to ensure best oral health.

Otherwise, you can even mix a few drops of the oil with baking soda (1 teaspoon) and water (1 cup) and rinse mouth twice a day for excellent oral health.

5.Reduces cancer risk

This is certainly one of the most important health benefits of baobab oil.

The oil has proved to reduce threats of almost every kind of cancer out there. baobab oil contains anti-tumor and triterpenoids that kill down the menacing cancer-causing cells. The triterpenoids (AKBA, KBA, ABA and BA) in the oil work to suppress DNA, RNA & protein synthesis in HL-60 cell big time. Additionally, the oil is able to control growth of HL-60 cells and that further enables it to cut down on the cancerous risks.

6.Excellent stress & anxiety reliever

baobab oil comes with high doses anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties which can immediately soothe the mind and transcend you to a tranquil zone. The calming fragrance of the oil works to remove all sorts of negative thoughts as well as improves intuition. A calmer mind is always more potent to handle challenges effectively. As the oil reduces anxiety and stress levels big time, it further helps to achieve a peaceful sleep. If you are having difficulties in sleeping, you can add few drops of the oil on your pillow for a sound natural sleep.

7.Wonderful immunity booster

baobab oil is one of the most powerful natural immunity boosters. Studies have shown that the oil is rich in anti-microbial properties which help it to kill any sort of viral, fungal or bacterial infection. This way, it strengthens the immunity system and makes the body resistant to infections.

8.Alleviates digestive issues

baobab oil is extremely effective to get rid of digestive problems. The oil works to accelerate secretion of digestive enzymes & relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract. It eventually helps with better digestion and also alleviates stomach pain. Then, the oil enhances blood circulation which is very essential for safe digestive health.

9.Prevents acne

If you are suffering from acne issues, baobab oil will be really great for you. Studies have shown that oil is rich in properties that can prevent acne outbursts in skin. Moreover, the oil also prevents signs of premature aging such as scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It’s rich in astringent qualities which help to reduce pimples and all the unwanted marks on your skin.

10.Aromatherapy & perfumes

baobab essential oil is highly used in aromatherapy sessions. The pleasing scent of the oil helps to relax and de-stress and keeps you refreshed. You can add few drops of the oil in your scent diffuser at home or in your hot tub for a rejuvenating bath after a long tiring day.

The magical scent of the oil has also made it a great ingredient of some of the best perfumes of the world.

There are various ways how you can use baobab essential oil to enjoy its awesome benefits. You can pour it in your diffuser to keep your home and mind fresh. Then you can apply it topically on temples or joints to get rid of stress and joint pains. Besides, you can also apply it on wounds for disinfection or your stretch marks and scars for flawless skin.