The 6 Tricks for Perfect Hair that Celebrity Hairstylists Swear By

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, shiny locks like the ones we see on celebrities. Each time they pop up on the screen, we look at them with longing in our eyes, wanting our hair to look like that as well. To make ourselves feel better about our hair, we end up buying a lot of hair products to make it seem healthier. However, the truth is that there’s an easier path on that road. Straight from the mouth of celebrity hairstylists, here is what you should do.

  • Hair Mask before Workout

Did you know that each time you work out, your body releases a lot of sweat? Of course you know. But did you know that the sweat is also packed with toxins? Once it gets out of your body, it can dry out your hair – so, by using a mask before a workout, you are protecting it from damage.

  • Go for Top Quality Extensions

Some people might say it’s cheating – but it’s not. There are quite a lot of celebrities with fine hair that use hair extensions when walking down the red carpet. The secret here is to use the right kind of extensions – the ones that won’t look unnatural or damage your hair during the attachment.

  • Use Vitamin C

Have you ever watched as your beautiful blond dye job turned from a fabulous blonde into a murky green? Or maybe your warm brunette hair suddenly got a red tint. In this case, you might want to try treating your hair once a week with vitamin C, as it can naturally remove the unwanted tones.

  • Go for Leave-in Conditioner

Most women use conditioner during the bath or shower and wash it off once it took action for a few minutes. However, once their hair dries off, it will end up looking frizzy and overall out of control. A good way to keep it under control is to use a leave-in conditioner, as it will keep your hair sleek and shiny in the long run.

  • Moisturize Your Hair Twice a Day

We’re not saying that you should go for a full hair mask twice a day – but in order to make it look healthy, you should give it the moisture that it needs. Each time you moisturize your face, take a few drops of Argan oil, for example, and dab it over your hair. Once it dries out, your hair will look nice and shiny.

  • Prep the Bangs First

If you have bangs, you will have to style them from the moment they are out of the shower. Once they dry out, they will be more difficult to style – so, get them done first. Lightly blow-dry them with a brush, pin them to one side – and after one minute, pin them to the other side. This will offer your hair a natural crease.

Final Thoughts

Having diva-like hair will take some work – but as long as you learn the right tricks, it should no longer be that difficult. Learn what it takes to tame your hair and become your own version of a celebrity on the red carpet.