Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Fuller

When it comes to women and beauty, hair is the most significant thing to consider. Most ladies love it styled while some prefer it natural. However, when it comes to maintaining the hair, there are usually challenges along the way. If you happen to be among those with thin hair, the experience is devastating. Volume plays a vital role in making one’s hair look gorgeous and vibrant. It gives the hair a fantastic bounce, as well as, an appealing look.


Without saying much, here are eight ways to boost your hair volume at the comfort of your home.

Blow it up

Probably, you have come across pre-games and the many benefits they can bring to your hair. However, did you have an idea that a pre-blow dry can leave your hair with a long-lasting volume? Most likely you had no idea. Well, it does the magic. First, you need to work style into the hair. But, focus on roots while working through lengths, as well as, the ends.

Then, go ahead to wrap a part of the hair on a round brush from the roots before drying it against the direction it should fall. To add more volume, flip the hair over the head before proceeding to blow-dry starting from the roots to the shaft. Also, remember to finish using the call button. This trick extends and sets your hairstyle. When done, use Tame to smoothen and leave it frizz-free finish that you will enjoy.

Soak it up in oil

The shampoo has come to the rescue of many people’s hair. Most ladies use it in the morning, and that’s after noting a grease buildup over the head. However, there is another way you can make use of the shampoo and also get extra volume. Well, apply the shampoo to your hair roots before going to bed. This tactic allows the shampoo plenty of time to soak in oils and hence work to the fullest. The following morning, your hair will be looking gorgeous and fuller.

Tie it

Almost every lady loves a fuller hair. It makes them feel beautiful. Besides, having a fuller hair makes one more confident. However, achieving that state isn’t always that easy. You’ve to work on your hair to earn it. Today, there are many products on the market meant to assist with the process. However, did you have a clue that you can achieve a full hair without spending a dime on any of those products?

Well, you can make use of the tying technique. This trick works perfectly on those urgent meetups. You need to tie up your hair, and that’s before you head out. Then, let your hair loss after arriving at your destination. The simple technique leaves your hair, gorgeous and voluminous. It’s what most celebrities do before heading out to those red-carpet events. You can consider using some hair loss vitamins to help reduce hair loss and help replenish your hair.

A backcomb

Many people argue backcombing can’t do any magic with their hair. Well, the truth is, a little backcombing can do wonders. All you need is a teaser comb, and you’re set to go. Using the comb to section off your hair and tease it. Continue to spray it. Repeat this procedure until you achieve your desired hair volume. Once you’re satisfied, cover the top with the remaining hair and give it a comb.

Flip it

Flipping is another simple technique, and that will leave your hair full. You are supposed to flip your hair on the opposite side. Let it rest for some time before returning it to the initial position. After the flip, your hair won’t return flat on sides and hence giving it a full look. Besides, you can add some hold hairspray after the flip. The hairspray provides the hair with a firmer look which is needed for a fuller look.


The trick is suitable for individuals who have wavy or straight hair type. Here, you take a third of your top hair and make three parts. Then, roll them in Velcro rollers while clipping them. The perfect pieces to work with are usually those with two sides of your face, and one over your head. Continue to spray the parts with a strong hold hairspray. Allow the pieces to stay rolled for about 10 minutes before taking them down. You will be left with loose, full-looking curls.

Dry naturally

The way you dry your hair can impact its volume. For those with curly or coiled hair, the best way to achieve mass is to wipe it naturally for such products to make your hair gorgeous. After those night showers, you are supposed to use a towel to dry it thoroughly. Continue to apply some French braid, and Shea butter or curls cream before retiring to bed. The procedure leaves your hair looking gorgeous. Also, it’s advisable to use silk pillowcase. The silk material reduces the friction on your hair, frizzy, bedhead, and snags, all which can mess with your flawless hair.

Thickening agents offers a hair product that works on boosting hair growth, volume while reducing the graying. Therefore, you can go shopping for such products make your hair gorgeous. According to successful stylists, you should go with a product that creates volume without weighing down your hair. Look for ingredients such as antioxidants and proteins. They are known to thicken it at the root, hence making it look fuller. However, you should have in mind that these products don’t deliver permanent results. They last until you wash your hair.

Almost every woman desires a brighter and fuller hair. However, not all of them are blessed with such. Luckily, there are products in the market to help with that. As mentioned in this article, there are also eight tricks that can help you achieve the same goals. Read through all to see which of them to apply for vibrant hair.