Vaping Apps to Keep in Mind!

The industry of vaping is increasing in length with time. There is a huge amount of people who could be regarded as professional vapers because now they have entered the business which by the way is not restricted to just selling and buying. This is the part where vape apps come in the picture. There are a number of applications available on both IOS and android which are useful in many ways. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced vaper or if you have just heard about the concept and want to give it a try; these apps will help you in ways you want it to. Now, the major apps in vaping industry are out there but the point of quoting them here is to acknowledge the fact that they are working with great efficiency and are improving every minute. Additionally, it can work as a guide for people who have recently been introduced to it in order to learn more and have a decent vaping experience. Hence, we present you with a list of top 4 apps for vapers, take a look and decide which one will work best for you:


  • Available for both IOS and Android, vaffle is a fairly recent app. Launched in 2018; it has been growing and developing every day. The app allows you to have an experience which is wholesome as it includes almost everything related to vaping that one could look out in an app for. Another reason why it has become popular amongst the vaping community is the fact that it is user friendly; taking features of both instagram and facebook, it makes the whole experience much easier. You can upload your own reviews on Naked e juice flavors, give suggestions, ask for them, talk to professionals, have a look at the social platforms and have a look at vape stars.

Ohm’s Law:

  • Well, as the name suggests; this app is not just about vaping as its name itself is ohm’s law which is the basic operation on which the app runs. However, it is still valid to count it as one of the major vaping apps because it is that useful in calculating values. You will only understand its importance once you use it and find out for yourself how it can be a healthy practice.

Vape Boss:

  • It is more than just an app and is also out there from a long time, i.e. from 2014. The reason why I said that it is more than just an app is because of the various platforms that it provides to sellers and other people of the vape community. From feature like news, social networking to shopping and tips, the app has got you covered for almost everything. The best part is that it also tells you about the nearby shops where you can get it from.

The Vape Tool:

  • When you start vaping, or when you first try to create your own vape instead of buying one, there are a number of things that you should know about. This is the time when this app comes in handy as it will make you understand each and everything, like the information you need to know about coils, so make sure you have this app in your smart phones!