Ways working out can help — and hurt — your skin

The benefits of exercise are already known to everyone. Any workout can improve your overall health and help reduce risks of major diseases such as certain types of cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. But how does exercise influence the biggest organ you have- your skin? 

Of course, it can have an impact on it, just like it has on every other part of your body. But does working out provide any benefits to your skin? 
Here are some ways exercise impacts your skin.

The post-workout glow is real.

Have you ever noticed how shiny and healthy your skin looks after a workout? But there is an explanation for that. When you are working out, your heart rate is higher; therefore, your blood pumps more blood through your blood vessels. More blood means better oxygen and nutrient flow to your cells, resulting in beautiful, healthy skin. 
A great way to get post-workout glow is to drink as much water as your body needs. While exercising, water in your body evaporates through your skin, so if you do not drink more water, it can get dehydrated. 

Another tip is to never work out with makeup on your face. Beauty products clog your pores, which leads only to acne. Sometimes even too much sweat can stick on your face, making it very hard for your skin to breathe. That can be easily fixed with some wet wipes, which should be your workout essential.
The best exercise that will feed your skin and nourish your entire body is running. It will raise the oxygen flow more than any other activity because it requires a lot of oxygen to fuel your body on your runs.
So what are you waiting for? Find running shoes here, and go running!

Outdoor workout can cause sun damage if you are not careful.

We all love working out outside — the fresh air, the wind in our hair, and the sun on our skin. But being overly exposed to the sun can hurt your skin if you do not pay extra attention. 
The best solution here is to wear sunscreen whenever you workout for extended time outdoors. It would be best if you always looked for sunscreens that have an SPF of 30 or higher.If you are going to sweat a lot, you should buy the water-resistant cream and try to reapply it as soon as you feel the burn on your skin. 
For faces, it is best to look for an oil-free, water-resistant cream, because the oils in the creams tend to clog your pores just like makeup does, which causes pimples, but it can also drip away with swat very easily. 

Exercise can cause rashes.

Rashes are usually the result of moisture build-ups and friction in some regions of your body where your skin folds. The most sensitive areas are the inner thighs, under your but breasts. Sometimes your skin tends to react to your outfit’s material, too. So if you have sensitive skin, polyester is best to be avoided. 
Also, rashes can be the result of the perfume or detergent you are using. Although these rashes are not long-lasting, they are not suitable for your skin health. 

To avoid rashes, you should always dry your skin, especially the sensitive folds your skin makes. Also, the post-workout showers should not be avoided. This is your body’s opportunity to get rid of sweat, dust, and dirt that has accumulated on your skin during the workout. If you do not shower after your exercise, you will increase the risk of skin irritation and skin diseases, such as intertrigo. 
Wearing hats or bands can also help because they collect extra moisture off your skin. Loose work out outfits is also a good idea. But the best prevention is to have clean skin before exercising because the excess dirt and dust that accumulate in your skin every day can clog your pores and cause acne and rashes. 
The best way to treat rashes and irritations, especially if your skin is really sensitive, is to use all-natural skin remedies. This sounds like a fancy skin product but is actually something that you can find in your kitchen. The best treatment for any skin condition is coconut oil. After you have showered, apply the coconut oil directly to your skin and let it get absorbed. The nourishment it brings to your skin will make it soft and smooth, and most importantly, rash-free.

Exercise is the best stress relief, which can be useful for your skin.

Stress does not affect only your mental health, but it can also compromise your physical health and appearance. It can result in skin breakouts and irritation. Stress has also been linked to cause eczema, flare-ups, and rosacea. 
Any exercise is good stress relief, and you will see an improvement in your health quickly.If you are feeling stressed, you can switch to meditation-based exercises such as yoga. This is guaranteed not only to improve your mood but also improve the health of your skin. 

Workout in a shared space may cause some skin infections

Most infections, such as ringworm which can result in sore skin, are acquired at the gym and other public workout places. 
But do not be alarmed, because all of the infections are easily treated by visiting a medical professional. The best way to prevent the germs from harming your skin is to make sure that all the equipment you use is clean, and avoid sharing intimate hygiene items, like towels with others. Wipe your yoga mats, use hand sanitizers, and always wear your shoes at the gym.