What Makes Good Clippers For Men Of Color?

One of the best ways to maintain your appearance is by taking control of your hair. Now, modern clippers allow you to create a professional-quality haircut in the comfort of your home, saving you thousands on barber fees. But, to do this, you’ll need to find the right clippers. Ideally, you want to find something that will cut through your hair easily. However, for men of color, this can sometimes be a challenge. Let’s look at some of the things you need to know to make finding the right kind of clippers easy.

How Will You Use The Clippers?

Before you start looking for clippers, you should take some time to think about how you will use them. As an example, you might want a model that you can use to give you a buzz cut. In other cases, you might just want something to trim your hair occasionally.

The way that you want to use the clippers will often have a big impact on the type of features that you are looking for. To give an example, if you want to do complex hairstyles, you might want to get a smaller device, that you can easily manipulate.

When thinking about this, you should be aware that most clippers have been designed for the hair on your head. Though, you should also be able to trim facial hair, to keep your beard in good shape. However, it’s generally not recommended that you use a clipper for body grooming. Instead, it’s recommended that you get a dedicated trimmer.

Think About Your Type Of Hair

 When you’re trying to find the ideal clippers, you will need to consider your hair type. This will determine whether or not the clippers will be able to trim it properly. In this area, there are a few types of hair that men of color might have.

First, you might have straight hair. This tends to be one of the easiest hair types to take care of. Because this type of hair tends to be easier to cut, most clippers will be able to handle straight hair. However, most men of color will have some kind of curl in their hair. These curls can vary from wavy to thickly coiled.

As a general rule, the thicker the curl, the stronger your hair will be. Because of this, you’ll need to choose a more powerful clipper. You should be able to find how strong the clipper is by looking in the product description.

Consider The Clipper’s Weight

You might also want to think about how heavy the clipper will be. The ideal weight can depend on your preferences. Some people might prefer to have a heavier clipper. This can indicate that the machine is of a higher quality. Depending on the way you use it, this can help you keep a steadier hand when you are using the device. However, other people might prefer to have a lighter clipper, which can be easier to manipulate. This can be better if you are planning on doing an intricate hairstyle. You’ll be able to find the weight in the product description.

Type Of Attachments

You might also want to consider the type of attachments that come with the clippers. This will often vary greatly from model to model. For example, some might come with attachments tailored specifically to help you with your beard. In other cases, you might get something that can give you a precise buzz cut. Most advanced models will have the ability to work with a range of attachments, though you’ll need to purchase these separately. How important the attachment is will depend on the way that you intend to use the clippers.

Type Of Features

When you’re trying to find the right clippers, you might want to think about the type of features that the model offers. This can also vary across the different models on the market, depending on what you are looking for.

In general, though, there are a few key features that you should be looking for. First, try to find something that offers multiple speed settings. This will make it easier for you to get your hair looking the way that you want it to. You should also try to choose something that comes with a range of hair comb guides. This will help you get the perfect length for your hair. Often, these guides will either come as built-in, or as separate to the clipper. Built-in guides tend to offer the most convenient experience, as you don’t need to change them out as frequently. However, you will be limited in the number of lengths that you can use. Finally, get something that has an adjustable head, so it can contort to the shape of your head, for a more precise cut.


Finally, men of color must get a device that’s been well-built. As we mentioned, most men of color will have thicker hair, with more curves. Because of this, trimming will be a tougher job. If you don’t get a durable device, you’ll need to continue to replace the device, as the engine will burn out.

You can improve the lifespan of your clipper by cleaning it out thoroughly after each session. You should also check the blades. If you’re using dull blades, you’ll be putting extra strain onto the engine, increasing the chances that you will burn out the device. In most cases, the clipper blades will be able to last for three to six months.


As we’ve seen, men of color will require to get more powerful, durable clippers, as they tend to have thicker hair than Caucasian people. If you want a few more tips about choosing the best possible clippers, and to view some of the best models on the market, make sure to check out this excellent list of clippers for black men. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to find an excellent clipper, to get a professional-quality haircut at home.