Women trendy hairstyles

Even though hairstyles change almost every season, Classic haircuts and hairstyles remain classic for a reason and that is, they are timeless. Modern hairstyles are those classic hairstyles with a stunning twist by addition of texture. Almost every style adds texture to our hair except if we’re using a keratin treatment, colour or perm. The addition of texture can create various forms of strikingly gorgeous hairstyles for women. Today we will look into some of the most alluring hairstyles of 2018.

Baby Bangs

With bangs, the first confusion we face is whether or not we should get them, if we decide to go for them, then comes the decision of how to style them. Even though short bangs have been trending in a major way, like all other bangs, micro bands, also called ‘baby bangs’ can be intimidating. It hangs above the brows and commends attention to it.


Micro bangs look great even if we have a heart shaped face with voluminous cheekbones. Also it looks great with short and long hair, whether straight or blunt. Of course, this is not the first time baby bangs have been in the spotlight among celebrities. In fact, it has been seen throughout pop cultures for decades now. It has been worn by many women on-screen and in real life. Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Audrey Hepburn and Grimes have been seen to pull off this striking look with a plenty of attitude.



Oversized braids:

The mega plaits are trending across the ramp. Oversized plaits, also called chunky braids has only one rule, that is, they need to look big and voluptuous.

Milkmaid-style pigtail plaits begin behind our ears and are very cute. In addition it can also be tried with a strand of hair coloured in a pastel shade or bright fluorescent color. Also we can go for a hair accessory or try intertwining a ribbon through the plait. The only rule is to keep it large other than that colors, accessories can be added to make it look more striking. This look works best with long length hair.






Wet-look hair

As the name suggests wet-look hair gives the impression as if we’ve just stepped out of the shower. It is officially the high fashion hairdo that can be pulled off with almost any outfit. This hairstyle can be achieved by styling our slightly damp hair with a little art glue and an anti-frizz hair polishing milk. We can mix this between our hands and smooth it through the hair from front to back. Then comb it through the hair and finish it by smoothing it with our fingers. There are two ways to pull off this look: one is by pulling all our hair back which gives a cool, rock chic, more empowering and edgier look. And one is by side parting the hair which gives a more sophisticated look.






The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut was 90’s one of the most-loved hairstyle. But ever since then it has shunned from the world of fashion, but now it has made a come-back and is one of the trending hairstyles now. The 90’s style was a terrible, mushroom-looking cut, while the modern day bowl cut is definitely messier, edgier and much cooler than the 90’s. This hairstyle can be adapted to suit any hair type and face shape. While is assumed that the bowl cut is mostly for men, recently women are also embracing this look just as much.







Beachy waves

Beach waves as the name suggested resembles the kind of look we will get by visiting the beach. It was a hairstyle that is universally loved by celebrities and normal women like you and me. The beachy look portrays the perfect loose curls for summer. Along with being super simple to master this look takes as less as 10 minutes. In addition to that it doesn’t require any heat styling tool such as curling irons or hair straighteners. Sounds great, doesn’t it?






Crimped Hair

The crimped hairstyle is created by using a crimping iron to achieve a zig-zag wavy look. It was a popular hairstyle of the 80’s and 90’s but now it is making a major comeback whether we dismay or get delighted by it. It is the opposite of the natural beachy waves or loose curls. Those with thin hair would love this hairstyles as it creating an illusion of thicker hair by displaying volume. This look is everywhere now a days, it’s been spotted on celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Zosia Mamet and it is equally popular amongst girls and women of all ages.







The Sleek-Low Ponytail

The Sleek-low ponytail is a new, low maintenance hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular among everyone. This style is modern, polished, and easy to do. This elegant hairstyle goes with any outfit. It not only makes the perfect hairstyle for any occasion also adds a lustrous shine to the hair. It is glamorous and effortless.

While long hair is romantic, short hair is daring. We can also enjoy the best of both worlds by having medium length hair. These hairstyles can go with almost any hair length, while making us look fit for any occasion.






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